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High Order Bit: James Baty–Architecture for Humanity


This would be the social conscience segment of the conference … talking about providing emergency housing and infrastructure.  Talking about using the power of social networks to help solve issues and barriers.

What is cool is that technology and collaborative techniques to improve and enhance these fast-build structures.  Then take this also to the people who are going to need and live in these houses.  Asking them for input on the design.  What could be better?  What is needed?

This is Web 2.0 for good.  This is something we should help and support.  …. openarchitecturenetwork.org.  Can this help us not repeat the mistakes of the past?  Can this help us make better social housing?  Better sustainable housing?

Wow a foldable cardboard porta-clinic!  Disaster housing shouldn’t last long.  Interesting.  Make sure people start to build new structures, etc.  Now what if they can’t?

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