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Bill Tancer and David Sifry on internet data


Bill Tancer of Hitwise and David Sifry of Technorati, of course.  Bill loves data … oh yeah!  Web 2.0 growth (measuring participatory sites) … 668% growth over the past few years (sorry missed the start date … update?)

Wikipedia blows all other reference sites out of the water … well yeah … we could have guess that.  Photo sites, like Flickr … again huge growth.  Fine could have guessed that too.  Right now this is cheerleading.

Looking at Flickr (photo upload), YouTube (video upload), Wikipedia (edit).  Only .16% of people upload to YT, .2% upload to Flickr, 4.59% edit on Wikipedia … essentially more watchers, viewers, not creators.  So what we’re looking at the 1, 9, 90 rule … essentially only a few create, few interact, lots enjoy.

So does this mean that Web 2.0 can’t sustain itself?  Clearly the opposite. The appetite for content is huge, so the question isn’t will people come, it’s how can we push that participatory percentage up?

YouTube went from nothing to market leader in 6 weeks!  Good thing Google bought them, eh?


And now the David Sifry show… State of the Live Web… hmm me thinks this will be similar to his post. Which it is, and that’s okay.  So I’ll play with LeapTag and kinda shelve Dave off until John Battelle gets on stage.  Sorry Dave …


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