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Ah the keynote … Tuesday that is


It is Tuesday isn’t it?  Don’t ask.  Learning from yesterday I jumped up and got up here fast, and found power on the right side of the room (and a chair).

Ah the intro, very nice.  Just saw Jeremiah walk by to get a picture.  This afternoon … the UnConference … w00t!  That’s where I’ll be!

Okay that and the Nokia party tonight…

Swivel, a place for data.  God I hope this isn’t going to be a product pitch.  Sorry I’m just dying for some cool stuff.

Half the data in the world (at least) is missing from the Net.  Swivel is trying to fix that … okay how.

OECD is the founding member of Swivel to help get their data up, out there and available.  That is cool.

vidoop a new what to secure passwords … very innovative.  Images with letters tied to categories.  Not hackable.   You need human cognition to make it work.  I think this is going to need a post on its own.  I’m going to have to wander down to the booth.  They tie into OpenID.  Hmm, this is cool, but the big question is going to be how will people implement it?  When will we see it?

Tellme, a phone/voice portal tool (they were just picked up by Microsoft I gather). 1-800-555-tellme (that number doesn’t seem right).  So it’s a voice service.  Oooh nice on the mobile phone.  Wonder if this works in Canada?  Doubt it.  Tellme is getting the hook.


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