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Web Analytics for Web 2.0–Google Analytics


Man I love GA (Google Analytics) … it used to be Urchin…while I like other analytics tools for up to the minute stats, GA is awesome.

Starting off this the basics here.  The foundation stuff.  Have it, plan it, use it.  That’s the basics, really.

Google’s philosophy was to get provide great analytics and give it away for free to make the total user experience better.

Still on the basics here … which is fine, because I’d like to read a little e-mail and stuff.

Ah Web 2.0 stuff.  Yeah this is good.  Cool, I didn’t know you could embed GA code into Flash and Ajax!  Sweet!  Maybe this is over the heads of the folks here (it is a bit geeky).

There are simple ways to get info …

Again, I think the Community Roundtable and PodTech are going to be very interesting to all of you.

Hey, if you want to know about analytics … well I can certainly cover it.  Maybe later I’ll get into a reflective post later.



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