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Watching the Keynote from the Overflow room


I was getting a demo of LeapTag (which is extremely cool and I’ll post more about it later) so I missed the rush to get into the 3rd floor room to see the keynotes.

You know this isn’t a bad thing.  Lots of room down here.  I found an outlet and a chair … so I’m listening to Tim O’Reilly give his keynote …

Tim doesn’t think that we’re heading to a bubble, he figures that we’re at the VisiCalc era.  Good intro (cheerleading really) for Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos …

Building new services.  There is a significant building phase that builds the stability and scale you will need to succeed.  Mechanical Turk … artificial artificial intelligence?

There is a cost to building and the cost cannot be ignored or cheapened (no shortcuts … that’s my take).

Amazon’s S3 data service was the big focus of his talk.  And … I have to admit that I was really looking for the wow factor.  But … it’s a great tale of where things can progress.  Okay … humour … moving your data from your servers to S3.  Jeff says they can grow and scale.  Hmm, maybe yes, maybe no.

Okay … the Internet as a platform.  Well, who would have bet that we’d have the bandwidth we have now that would make this possible.

 Just to update this … O’Reilly Radar has nice coverage of the keynote … since I stepped out from it to talk with Natanel of Maxthon.

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