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Rafe Needleman isn’t to hot on "lifecasting"


Rafe Needleman has a really good, and important, point about this new meme/craze called lifecasting.  Lifecasting, like Justin.tv, is broadcasting you life via some kind of webcam and connection.  I’ve been spotted on both the ScobleCam and Jeremiah’s cam.  So what does this say about privacy?  What does this say about having “a life”?

It’s cool that bloggers are experimenting with this medium, but my perspective it this: Being a blogger is a hard enough job. I don’t I want to become a lifestreamer. I know for sure that my wife doesn’t want me to (nor does Scoble’s; during the drive the word “divorce” was mentioned more than once). But is losing all shred of personal privacy going to become requirement for being an online commentator? Already I’m feeling a little weird about the items I’m posting on my Twitter feed.
Source: Lifecasting: I did not sign up for this | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone

You won’t see me lifecasting.  Heck I don’t even like having my webcam going (not that I can get it running in Vista).  While this is neat and cool and might be fun at a party (that is until you significant other watches you chatting someone up and getting cozy).  I think it’s time will come and go.  I’m betting that in 6 months, no one will be lifecasting except at conferences and other special events.



  • Tony Steward

    I think it will go away to because none of us are really that much into someone. And no one’s life is really that interesting all the time.

    Just like when sorting and/or filtering through RSS feeds, you only stop and interact with the stuff you are really interested in, the same will be true for lifecasting.

    People want the funny 30 secs when a 3 year old hits their dad in the crotch with a red plastic baseball bat, not him sitting on the couch watching tv.

  • Tris Hussey

    Tony, that’s it exactly. Someone might try to make those kinds of humour casts, but as for watching Justin or Scoble all day … thanks, no.

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