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Sitting here my first session: Blogs, Chat Rooms, Wikis, Oh My! The Yellow Brick Road to Online Market Intelligence.  The founder of Umbria is giving the talk.  I’m sitting on the floor, because there is power of course.

Gist: mining the blogosphere, in the most general sense, for marketing data.  Essentially doing what we blog marketers already know.

Ah the bias of traditional market research … so true.  This is part of the anthropological perspective of the observer effecting the outcome of the info you get.

There was a question posted previously about would I leave a bad session.  Okay this isn’t a bad session.  In fact for a newbie to the blogosphere, especially the marketing wonks.

The debate … should I find a session where I learn something or cover this?  Is this going to be news?

I think not … heading to Media 2.0!

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