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Missing the first day of Web 2.0 Expo, sigh


Well, chalk it up to not reading things carefully.  I thought, incorrectly I see now, that the workshop portion of Web 2.0 Expo was today and the real cool stuff didn’t start until tomorrow.  Pity.  Well, I’m enroute, in the air from Victoria to Seattle at this particular moment, armed with a new Bluetooth adapter (getting my MoGo Mouse today!) and a couple new 1 gig SD cards.  Why two?  Well, one was for my camera.  The other was for my laptop.  Wanted to use it for ReadyBoost.  Sadly, for some unknown reason, this SD card isn’t ReadyBoost-ready.  So I have a freakin’ ton of storage space now for pics and other stuff (2 1 gig card, a 512 meg, a 256 meg, and a 16 meg).  If anyone wants to trade one of my 1 gig SDs for another 1 gig SD that can do ReadyBoost, I’d be very appreciative.

I haven’t been able to catch up on much in the way of news from Web2Ex thus far.  My Berry modem is great for e-mail, sucks for surfing (or RSS).  Victoria’s airport does have WiFi, but it isn’t free.  Seattle I know has WiFi, also not free.  Portland (yes this is a multi-hop jaunt) does have free WiFi and I intend to make use of it.

In other news, the Victoria Salmon Kings hockey team is on board heading to Anchorage for their next playoff game.  Shoulda know they were hockey players and not well dressed geeks with the playoff beards.

Descending into Seattle now … time to save and stow my laptop under the seat in front of me.


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  • Clayton

    You’re not missing much. The lunch sucked, the speakers were a little dry today. Hopefully we will have some cool presentations this week though.

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