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Looking forward to the afternoon sessions and the keynotes


Right now I’m debating about going to the VC2.0 session or the session on tagging.  Not sure.  Now, the keynotes.  I just hope that there is power in the room because I’d hate to run out of power halfway through!

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been interviewed by WebProNews and appeared (twice I gather) on Jeremiah’s live web feed.

Talk about living a public life!

Regardless I’m not setting records here for posts, but always enjoy doing this.  Of course I also like taking some time to let it all sink in.

One thing that I think will be important for Rick and Dave to do for BlogWorldExpo is almost to have a newbie track and a geek/techie track.  There are so many people who are dying to learn all about this stuff.  And that shouldn’t be discounted or looked down on.  We all depend on a continuing uptake, adoption, and acceptance of Web 2.0.

But it would be awesome to have a track where all us experienced people can hang out and talk shop and start pushing the boundaries of this medium.  Oh right, that’s what the unconference mashups are about.  Duh.

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