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Enter Media 2.0


New session … Media 2.0.  Speakers:

Charlene Li, Forrester Research
Oliver Muoto, VP, Business Development, vFlyer
Gabe Rivera, TechMeme
Ted Shelton, The Personal Bee
Rich Skrenta, Co-founder and CEO, Topix

Looking forward to meeting Charlene Li and Gabe Rivera in person (I have no problem going up to folks who I’ve e-mailed back and forth).

This is a panel discussion … just warming up right now.  I must have missed something … lots of talking about Google, Adsense and advertising.  Hmm.

I’m hoping they get to the whole moving of the MSM paradigm (yes, I can use paradigm in a sentence correctly).

On a technical note, the WiFi is pretty good, but a ton of geeks coming online and trying to post to their blogs … well that taxes any network!  Delayed posts are due to Net issues.  I’m not using my Berry modem down here in the States (the cost would kill me!)!

[Quick photobreak for Rick …]

Okay why aren’t they talking about changes in the media model?  Why is it all advertising, acquisitions, and now SEO?

How is Techmeme changing how we consume media?  How is Topix changing the paradigm?

A very true statement: Google is the startpage of the Internet — Rich Skrenta.  It is building the audience that is key.

Charlene Li has made the most interesting point, we’ve moved from human editorial to algorithms…but the algorithms are made by people making editorial decisions.

Good question from the audience: Who will mobile devices change things?  Ted thinks that mobile access will be the final nail in the coffin of print media. Oliver, concurs.  Now Rich disagrees.  He thinks that the UI, how webpages are rendered for different devices.  There is a disconnect between how the content is rendered.  Oliver, and I agree, feels that it’s just a matter of technology and time.  People have to demand better, seamless links on mobile devices.  Me, when I set up a blog I use a mobile aware plugin that, I think, handles the links from say Techmeme mobile to my site mobile.  Now that’s something I’m going to have to test.

[BTW the connectivity problems are driving me nuts!]

How can print media survive Web 2.0?  MSM, editorial decisions are made in self interest, a disconnect from what readers might what.  MSM will have to start looking to other sources of content … essentially tapping into BlogBusrt … use what bloggers are writing as content.  Makes sense to me.  The move from print to online versions of MSM … let’s also get away from the walled garden…I hate that.  Why don’t I link to maybe MSM online editions?  Because the links expire in hours, days, or weeks.  If I link to you, I need to know that it’s going to be there later.

See also Susan Mernitt’s coverage … very good!

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