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At the Community Roundtable…


Yeah, I’m hopping around.  But this could be interesting … people are introducing themselves at the moment.  Which is interesting, cause it’s great to meet new folks.

What’s going on?  Dunno yet … I’ll let you know … assuming my battery holds out!

Ah, community.  What is a community, what defines it, what guides it, what rules it.

You know I think the network folks are blocking port 80 and other web-based things.

OpenID … right from the horse’s mouth …

For the quick and dirty, it’s a single sign-on idea, something more open than Sxip I think.  I just have to keep listening and stop fussing with my lack of net connection!

The Highlander Problem … there can only be one.  Does providing more information voluntarily (address, phone) lead to a death of privacy online?  Because it’s easy and it’s there, will it become required.

Yes, juicy stuff here.  How do you manage your identity online?  Here’s an interesting tie-in to this discussion.  When I’m dating I tell potential dates to just Google my name.  I got this tip from Chris Pirillo.  There are two sides to this.  Making it easy to jump from site to site and “know you” and making it hard for your information to be mis-used.  It isn’t the capability of the technology, it’s the use…Susan Mernitt.

Very interesting sides to this debate here.  Probably the most interesting stuff I’ve heard today.

Okay … I think that if sites start requiring more info than you want to give … you don’t give it.  You don’t register.  If enough people choose not too … then things will change.  Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong.

Tara just brought up the point that Canadians are willing to provide private data in exchange for better government services and benefits.  Yes!  See that’s it.  There is a risk reward system to all this.

What are the trade offs?  Where do you draw the line?

Chris Messina is pointing out the Flickr model of making private more of a default than MySpace where public is more of a default.

Well, I left the session to be interviewed by WebProNews … I’ll get you the link soon….

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