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Des comments on conference blogging … isn’t that convenient


Yes, I really do like conference blogging.  Fellow conference blogger (and blogger in general) Josh Hallett wrote about conference blogging a while ago.  I’m a one man show when I do my blogging.  Well, sort of.  See I look for the other folks covering the conference as well and link to them.  Hey, I can’t be everywhere and getting other perspectives on the same session is always a good thing.  Des asks a good question though, what if you’re in a bad session?

One thing I’m still wondering about is what an official conference blogger should do if she/he starts to pick up that sessions are not going well, and/or participants are not happy with the way the event is proceeding. Should they blog that, fearlessly, or could that be seen as a breach of faith with the organizers? Could be an interesting point of discussion between the blogger/teamleader and the conference organizers.
Source: Business and Blogging – Blogging a Conference Professionally is No Cakewalk

Ooh, good one.  I hate to walk out on a speaker.  What if there are two great sessions on at the same time?  Well, let’s say what looks to be two great sessions … and one is bad.  Well, I think I’d have to close the laptop and move …

I guess you’ll find out soon enough, eh?


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