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The deer have guns and consumers prefer microbrewed beer


You’re probably thinking Rick must have started drinking a few microbrews early today. Well I haven’t in fact I am abstaining for a while in my attempt to drop a few pounds to combat global warming. Where am I going with this?

Terry Heaton has an excellent post today discussing the future roll traditional broadcast media has to play in a world that is becoming increasingly infatuated with new media. Terry has hope for the future of old media and he just might be right at least when it comes to broadcast media:

NAB/RTNDA is just around the corner, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s event. I sense in my spirit a shift in attitude within the industry about things internet, and that’s reflected in the program. I’m actually on the opening panel! Jeff Jarvis leads a Monday supersession on citizens media/blogging/user-generated content that is a first for the RTNDA. Mind you, this isn’t shuffled off into one of the concurrent sessions; this one is front-and-center. That one is Tuesday, and I wouldn’t miss it.

Unfortunately I am going to miss it, as I won’t be leaving the Web 2.0 Expo until Tuesday evening but if you are at NAB when Terry gives his talk you shouldn’t.

Later on Terry explains when asked that he has three points he would like to convey in his talk. Here is number 3:

People want to know what we know and do what we do, and business models that support this will succeed in the near and long-term future. Think Gordon Borrell’s “ammunition” scenario: “The deer now have guns. What do you do when the deer have guns? Get into the ammunition business.” YouTube is the textbook example of this, a business that enables the deer to share their work with others.

Aha thats where the deer come in! (see I told you I wasn’t drinking). This is a great analogy. For so many years traditional media has been able to lower their rifles and fire away with their lowest common denominator ammunition (we are the deer by the way) with impunity. Now via new media we deer can fight back. We can create our own content and believe me a lot of what is available via blogs and podcasts is as good as hollow points and armor piercing ammo.
And here is the microbrew analogy; from sports to politics, to technology, to comedy, to celebrity gossip, to milblogs, just like microbrew people prefer their content created just for them.

That does not mean (as some believe) all traditional print and broadcast media is doomed. Sam Adams and Arrogant Bastard didn’t put Budweiser and Coors out of businesses. Distribution deals can be win win.

Smart broadcasters will take Terry’s advice and look for new ways to fit in and prosper in a new media world.

Ps. if you read Terry’s post first I might not come across like a total nut.

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