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 I saw a mention of ExpoCal earlier yesterday, but when I saw the post on the Web 2.0 Expo blog, well I decided to take a look.

Sign up is easy, picking your choices, also easy.  You can also see what people are choosing as a tag cloud.  Hmm does this make picking conference sessions a popularity contest?  Boy I hope the next time I have the chance to speak all my friends choose me!  I’d hate to be a speaker in 9 point type!

Regardless, the conference starts tomorrow as I start my journey South.  Now, I don’t fly out until about 2:30 so if you have hot tips or anything, just e-mail me at tris AT onebyonemedia DOT com.  I have some new tricks up my sleeve that will let me post on the go.

Once I’m in San Fran … I’ll be trying to keep my Berry data use to a dull roar.  International data and roaming charges are insane!


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