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Hot off the press exclusive … Scoble to mimic Justin.tv at Web 2.0 Expo with the ScobleCam!


Okay just got this from Twitter.  Scoble will be doing live web broadcasting starting Monday at Web 2.0 Expo!

Watch for the ScobleCam on Monday from Web2Expo!


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  • jayvee f.

    oh crap. pretty soon everyone is going to start attaching a camera onto their heads.

  • Rick

    haha, I want to strap a camera to my head to follow scoble around while he has a camera strapped to his head!

  • Tris Hussey

    Jayvee … don’t worry no risk of me doing it. Though you do raise interesting questions about personal privacy.

    I think for conferences and parties it is cool, to a point. I think there do need to be off camera private times at parties so people can relax.

    Having lived under the microscope before, it is really stressful and unnerving.

  • Tris Hussey

    Rick, now that would be something to see!

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