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Web 2.0 Expo Ignite speaker list


Let’s start off the Web2Expo blogging early, shall we?  Sunday, which I’ll miss :(, is Ignite which looks like a really awesome time.  On the Web 2.0 Expo blog they have the speaker list posted:

On Sunday Ignite Expo will feature the following 16 speakers (in order). They each get 5 minutes to speak using only 20 slides that switch automatically every 15 seconds.
Source: Web 2.0 Expo blog: Ignite Expo Schedule Posted (See also O’Reilly Radar)

If I were there I’d be really looking forward to Andre Charland, Nik Cubrliovic, and Mary Hodder (let’s see how many more stickers she has on her laptop!).  Not that all the others are slouch speakers, I’ve just heard them, talked with them, etc and know that it will be cool.  Since I won’t even be landing at SFO until 8:30, I’m pretty much SOL for catching the coolness.  However, I will be up for catching up with folks later.  You’ll be able to reach me on my cell: 250.222.1234.


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