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Some insight into the Web 2.0 Expo


Reading Renee’s blog this afternoon I saw this on a recent post:

Its the first of this kind that he is co-producing with John Battelle, his partner in all things ‘web,’ following a two year successful run of their fall Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

Bottom line: the demand for Web 2.0 ‘stuff’ is on the rise, and more and more innovation is coming out. Solution: A Web 2.0 version of Comdex that draws more people in across multiple levels – vendors, sponsors, press, bloggers and attendees.
Source: down the avenue: Hot & Around the Corner: Web 2.0 Stuff

I gave the Tim O’Reilly interview on Wired a read and I think Tim is correct, Web 2.0 is about services.  We’ve got most of the “stuff” we need (software that runs our machines), but it’s how to connect, find, sort, and other stuff it all that makes a powerful tool.

I’m excited to be going to Web 2.0 Expo, and I’ll take this first of many opportunities to thank Rick and Dave for helping me get there.

Don’t know how I’m going to do much when I get home, since I think I’m going to be typing my fingers to the bone next week!


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