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Top Diggers not digging Digg any longer?


Check out Greg Hartnett’s post (A great blog btw) citing anecdotal evidence that top Digg users aren’t submitting stories at their normal pace.

the number of stories submitted by my “friends” typically hovered between the 400-500 mark. Which meant that the 170 people I had befriended had submitted approximately 500 stories or so over the last 48 hours. Now these are top Diggers we’re talking about here – people I chose as friends based solely upon their high user ranking.

Fast forward to this morning, and my account shows a total of 156 stories submitted by these same users. For the mathematically challenged amongst you, that represents a decline of almost 70%. 70 freaking percent! That’s not a minor decline – I’d even go so far as to call it a landslide. These top users have abandoned their accounts, and are now probably wasting their time online with some other web 2.0 time-suck.

Greg admits this is far from Scientific. It could be his Digg buds are just slacking or maybe they really are bailing on Digg and headed to some other social networking site.

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