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In Defense of the Blog


From the some people get it and some people don’t file. Mark Glaser gets it and does yeoman’s service defending the journalistic value of blogs:

What might save newspapers (from themselves and old thinking) is to get out of the doomsday mentality and actually look around at the ways that serious journalism, even investigative journalism, are happening online, and consider how they can make that work in their newsroom.

and points out that Peter Fimrite of the San Fransisco Chronicle doesn’t…get…it evidenced by this throw away line included Fimrite’s story filed yesterday.

With classified advertising usurped by the Internet, newspapers across the country are facing mounting losses and, in many cases, cuts in staff and resources.

First Amendment scholars fear that investigative journalism may die as newsprint fades away.

I would love to talk with these unnamed “First Amendment scholars” who according to Fimrite believe that the medium that has allowed tens of millions (now 100 million according to some web 2.0 scholars) to investigate, report and speak freely to hundreds of millions of readers will doom the practice of investigative journalism.

I won’t list any of the thousands of examples of citizen journalists doing just that.  Glaser already has. Please read his post.

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