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CNN Money’s article today says Web TV is real, has lots of viewers, and is making some serious coin.

major media companies, TV networks, and production studios are starting to migrate shows and movies to iTunes, their own websites, and other places online. “You will see an increase in consumption,” says Disney-ABC TV’s executive VP for digital media, Albert Cheng, “because you are opening the pipe by which consumers can get their shows.”

Call it TV 2.0, Net TV, or whatever you like: The building blocks of a new Web video industry are falling into place.

New forms of programming and distribution promise viewers an infinite menu of content, new advertising models are in the works to funnel all that new viewing behavior into streams of cash, and new search technologies are stepping up to, as Adelson says, “help you choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and where you want to watch it.”

For those of us old enough to remember the days before cable, MTV and satellite this is will be a similar type of revolutionary experience only multiplied by 1,000.


  • JD

    Call it television and the pipes are not ‘opening’ they are ‘open’. For those like us, http://www.WebVisionItaly.com, providing quality content for the aggregated niche is the name of the game, or the viewers will go elsewhere. The days of Hollywood serving up trash TV for total consumption are over. People worldwide will benefit from the explosion in information and education available via the ‘pipe anytime, anywhere, on-demand. Check out http://www.WebVisionIaly, your Internet television network for Italy.

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