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Rick Klau has a fantastic post up at the FeedBurner blog today.

Some interesting tidbits from the post:

FeedBurner is publishing 604,533 feeds on behalf of 347,000 bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers,

On any given day, FeedBurner sees more than 3,000 clients capable of reading all kinds of feeds, including podcasts and video feeds.

Is there any hope of these reports becoming standardized any time soon?

The FeedBurner folks have posted a great glossary of terms and have a chart showing how some of the leading web based aggregators report their statistics.


MyYahoo!, Google, and Bloglines Dominate Audience Engagement for Web-Based Aggregators

Today’s key takeaway is that feeds represent only one aspect of a publisher’s overall content consumption.

If you are half as confused about RSS, what these statistics mean and how to make sense of all the different aggregators out there I highly recomend you read the whole thing.

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