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Lawrence Bush the facilities and events director at The Dole Institute has posted video of the panel discussion here.

I would like to thank Lawrence, Bill Lacy, end everyone else at The Dole Institute for hosting us and particularly Professor Perlmutter for putting the event together and moderating the panel.

As for the bloggers; all I can say is Wow! No matter your political views or interest I encourage you to watch the video and am confident you will be as proud and impressed as I was at how well they represented the blogosphere.

Jerome, Erick, Patrick, Scott and Joan absolutely know as much about modern politics as any beltway insider. What you will see in the video is really just scratching the surface. Sitting at the bar after the event I felt like I was at some post election reunion where the winners and losers get together over a beer to reminisce over the highlights and lowlights of the recent campaigns and which political stars inspired them and offered hope for a better future.

The animosity and hyper-partisan sniping that the political blogosphere is famous for at least for this evening was set aside. This night everyone agreed new media offered new hope for our political process. Certainly not a guarantee but hope.
I certainly felt privileged to be among this group of patriotic Americans who couldn’t disagree more with each others politics but who all deeply loved their country.

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