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Should Olympic Atheletes be allowed to blog?


Interesting story on Brietbart the other day. Olympic Atheletes may be allowed to Blog:

The International Olympic Committee said Wednesday it is considering whether to let athletes post personal diaries on the Internet _ so long as the Olympic village isn’t turned into a “Big Brother” reality TV show.

Under Olympic rules, athletes, coaches and other team officials are barred from functioning as a “journalist or in any other media capacity” during the games. This is meant to protect the rights of the accredited media.

Of course the people who make the Olympics boring don’t get it. Allowing atheletes to blog would be a huge boost for the Olympics popularity and ratings. Spectators would be able to get insights and connect more with intimate details of sports they only casually watch every four years. Not to mention only getting coverage from announcers who know nothing about the sports they are covering.

If the IOC allowed atheletes to blog and the traditional media had their announcers and producers monitor them they would get far more interesting story lines and understand a whole lot more about the sports they are reporting on.

The a subgroup of the IOC press commission gets it:

“Athlete blogs bring a more modern perspective to the global appreciation of the games, particularly for a younger audience, and enhance the universality of the games,” the press group said.

This guy doesn’t:

Athletes’ commission member Bob Ctvrtlik, a former U.S. Olympic volleyball gold medalist, said privacy remained a major concern.

“We don’t want the village turned into a reality TV show during the Olympics,” he said. “We also want to protect rights that have been sold to sponsors. As of yet we don’t have a clear consensus on it.”  

I understand the need to protect sponsors dollars and exposure but protect old school media? That is silly and short sighted. Hopefully the IOC makes the right decision for their own good.

In other news this BlogWorld team member may have won his recent Tae Kwan Do tournament but is a long way from qualifying for the olympics.

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