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Read this great post by Darren Rowse. Here are a couple of snippets:

The idea of passive income is obviously one that many people strive for – and it’s a term that I’ve heard used many times to describe online income streams – including blogging.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t use the term passive income to describe blogging for money.

While there are a few aspects which could be described as passive – the overall experience that I’ve had is anything but passive.

Running a successful and profitable blog (or blogs) takes a consistent amount of work over the long term. This work needs to happen throughout the life of a blog – from the early days when you’re trying to establish yourself in a niche – through to those times when your blog ‘matures’ and you’re hit with a whole load of new responsibilities and pressures.

This is a great reality check for stary eyed wanna be A-list bloggers. If you are earn or wish to earn money from your blog I highly recommend reading the whole post.

Blogging is kind of like sales.  A very low paid easy job, and potentially a very high paid hard job. Some folks may be lucky but in the end hard work and talent can make you a lot of money blogging. If you think you can put up a few posts, get some big links and take it easy, it ain’t gonna happen.


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