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Anyone tell you blogs or old news lately? Well not according to the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and several other major newspapers. Courtesy of Frank Barnako of Market Watch:

The number of visitors to the blog pages of the top 10 online newspapers grew 210% in the past year, far outpacing growth to the parent sites. Nielsen/NetRatings found that while the unique audience to online newspapers grew 9% from December 2005 to December 2006, the number of visitors to blog pages at the top newspapers skyrocketed and accounted for 13% of the parent sites’ total traffic.

Here are the most popular online newspaper blogs and their estimated December audiences:
  • USATODAY.com blogs, 1.239 million
  • The New York Times’ blogs, 1.173 million
  • SFGate blogs, 515,000
  • Washingtonpost.com blogs, 433,000
  • Boston.com blogs, 388,000.

Next time someone jaded blogger tries to tell you blogs are old news tell em to read a newspaper. The new media revolution is just beginning.

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