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December 2006

Edelman’s latest


Edelman who hasn’t always nailed the nuances of acceptable social media practices has just introduced an online Social media press release tool.

Steve Rubel had this to say:

My colleague Phil Gomes has been hard at work redefining what a press release should look like in a two-way world. We launched our first iteration yesterday. It basically breaks down a press release into its core parts, leaving it up to you – the journalist (citizen or pro) – to decide how it should be put together. Most importantly, every press release gets feeds, tags, del.icio.us/digg buttons, trackbacks and comments.

If you take a look at the comments on our first release, you’ll notice that some of our harshest critics are there commenting. This is what the two-way world is all about. Put ideas out there and then engage the community in a conversation.

More important than how are their clients going to react to this is how is the blogosphere going to react. So far It seems mixed but on the positive side.
Deep Jive interests:

Now this template seems like a great cheat sheet if you were a PR guy who doesn’t know a thing about social media. Having said that, I think that the template, like all cheet sheets, are dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Quite frankly, it could be a disaster.


The whole thing’s a good idea, but it doesn’t appear to be as well-executed as it could be: most noticeable for me was the fact that there’s a lot of whitespace and consequently a lot of scrolling involved. Nevertheless, there’s very little doubt that push-button, Web-based press release generators–whether StoryCrafter or some similar tool that’s yet to be created–certainly have a place in the world of rich media, social media, new media, or whatever you want to call it.

The Bivings Report:

Today Steve Rubel unveils Edelman’s take on the social news release, Storycrafter (note lots and lots of others are doing similar work). I like it. I’d rather get something like this than an old fashioned press release.

Is Podcasting doomed?


So says John Gartner of Marketing Shift:

Podcasting technology has been around for a decade, and just because the “Pod” name was put on it a few years ago doesn’t mean it will be any more successful.

The multitude of independent podcasters will scratch and claw for the occasional hour when people want to hear about a niche of their interest, but podcasting will have about the same long term business impact as e-books.

It’s way to early to be making predictions like this. As of today podcasting is growing by leaps and bounds, when it starts to sink, or at least stops growing then he might have a point.

Can lightning strike twice?


Nateli Del Conte doesn’t think so.

I will gladly eat my words if Tew can pull this off but I just don’t think that lightning strikes twice. It was a good idea…once! Second time around, it’s not, as Michael Arrington calls it, “another stupid, brilliant idea.” It’s just a stupid idea.

Alex Tew, the college student who created the million dollar web page where he sold one million pixels for a dollar each has a new idea. This time he is going to sell them for two dollars each and give one million away to one lucky winner who clicks on the right pixel.

Well one of the rules in business is if you are sold out raise your prices. Tew did sell out his first site, so I would have to give this at least a 50/50 chance.

Ryan at Cybernet is optimistic.

Isn’t this insane! The creativity of Alex Tew is amazing and there are many people saying that he won’t succeed in doing this. Honestly, I hope he does because so many people try to copy off of his marketing ideas that I think he deserves to be successful. Not only that but he has found a way to make people want to click on the ads…and who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire? What a genius!

mathew Ingram

In the end, of course, Alex laughed all the way to the bank — and likely will again. Anyone who comes up with a new definition of the “tax on the stupid” (as I like to call lotteries) deserves everything he gets.

I don’t know about the tax on the stupid thing but it seems like a good idea to me. He could prolly sell those pixels for $3 a piece and keep two mil.

Blogging News and Community Spotlight


You may have noticed a couple new items on the menu bar. Blogging News, and the Community Spotlight.

Blogging news is currently focusing on what other bloggers are saying about BlogWorld, and there are quite a few talking about it already.

As we all know the blogosphere is made up of tens if not hundreds of thousands of different communities. We thought it might be fun and interesting to highlight some of them here. For you sports fans out there we are currently featuring college football blogs.

Forgive me for taking a moment to celebrate USC going down in flames today. Both feeds were developed by our good friends at TTLB.

We plan to add another feed soon featuring interesting news about new media. If you see any posts out there about the show, have a community you would like to see featured, or have some interesting new media news, or another feed you think we should carry, please comment here or send me an email to rick@blogworldexpo.com

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