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New York Times embraces new media


Well sort of. Techcrunch and others are reporting that the NYT will now include links to Digg, Facebook, and Newsvine to all of their online stories. This will not include stories on their premium service.

Although you could always manually add The Times stories to news sharing sites such as Digg and Newsvine before, the capability to do it directly from the story means that The Times is paying attention to where its stories are shared, who reads them, and, more importantly, what they are saying about them.

Not a bad first step.

John Cook has some related news:

This didn’t make it in today’s story, but The NYTimes.com also is adding a new feature that allows readers to easily obtain permalinks. That’s gonna make life a lot easier for us bloggers, who have had to jump through hoops anytime they wanted to find a story link from The Times.

I hope this is true. I have linked to lots of times stories that go poof after a week or so.


  • gregnazvanov

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