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Can lightning strike twice?


Nateli Del Conte doesn’t think so.

I will gladly eat my words if Tew can pull this off but I just don’t think that lightning strikes twice. It was a good idea…once! Second time around, it’s not, as Michael Arrington calls it, “another stupid, brilliant idea.” It’s just a stupid idea.

Alex Tew, the college student who created the million dollar web page where he sold one million pixels for a dollar each has a new idea. This time he is going to sell them for two dollars each and give one million away to one lucky winner who clicks on the right pixel.

Well one of the rules in business is if you are sold out raise your prices. Tew did sell out his first site, so I would have to give this at least a 50/50 chance.

Ryan at Cybernet is optimistic.

Isn’t this insane! The creativity of Alex Tew is amazing and there are many people saying that he won’t succeed in doing this. Honestly, I hope he does because so many people try to copy off of his marketing ideas that I think he deserves to be successful. Not only that but he has found a way to make people want to click on the ads…and who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire? What a genius!

mathew Ingram

In the end, of course, Alex laughed all the way to the bank — and likely will again. Anyone who comes up with a new definition of the “tax on the stupid” (as I like to call lotteries) deserves everything he gets.

I don’t know about the tax on the stupid thing but it seems like a good idea to me. He could prolly sell those pixels for $3 a piece and keep two mil.

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