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Blogging News and Community Spotlight


You may have noticed a couple new items on the menu bar. Blogging News, and the Community Spotlight.

Blogging news is currently focusing on what other bloggers are saying about BlogWorld, and there are quite a few talking about it already.

As we all know the blogosphere is made up of tens if not hundreds of thousands of different communities. We thought it might be fun and interesting to highlight some of them here. For you sports fans out there we are currently featuring college football blogs.

Forgive me for taking a moment to celebrate USC going down in flames today. Both feeds were developed by our good friends at TTLB.

We plan to add another feed soon featuring interesting news about new media. If you see any posts out there about the show, have a community you would like to see featured, or have some interesting new media news, or another feed you think we should carry, please comment here or send me an email to rick@blogworldexpo.com

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