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Another day another conference


But this isn’t just any conference or any tradeshow this is the place to be if you are in the tradeshow business. IAEM‘s (The International Association of Exhibition Managers) Expo Expo is the tradeshow and conference for tradeshow people. For a tradeshow geek like me; yes I love tradeshows this is a great 3 day event where I get to network with peers and usually gain an idea or two.

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the sessions for today was “Social Media Bootcamp” So here I am live blogging from the session where Jeff De Cagna from Principledinnovation is doing a great job explaining what the heck all this social media stuff is to a group of newbie (to social media) tradeshow producers.

It’s always entertaining to me to see people who hear the term Wiki or RSS for the first time start shaking their heads in amazement when they have it explained to them. You can almost see the wheels turning inside the heads of the people suddenly get it.

Done right blogging is powerful, new media is powerful.

Jeff’s company specializes in helping associations navigate and implement new media into their communications program. If you work for an association or run a tradeshow or conference, based on todays session, I would recomend contacting his company.


  • Jeff De Cagna

    Thanks so much for the plug and for attending my session. I’m glad you enjoyed the session and I’m flattered that you think I did a good job. I very much appreciated your comments.

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