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Web advertising increases by double digits for 10th straight quarter


Advertising dollars continue to pour into the intraweb. Still nowhere close to print, but phrases like “$638 million dollars in one quarter” and “23 percent increase over same period last year” gets peoples attention:

Advertising expenditures for newspaper Web sites increased by 23 percent to $638 million in the third quarter versus the same period a year ago, according to preliminary estimates from the Newspaper Association of America. The increase reflects the tenth consecutive quarter of double digit increases for online newspaper advertising since NAA started reporting online ad spending in 2004. Across the first nine months of the year, newspaper Web sites experienced a 30 percent increase in online advertising spending versus the same period last year.

Print and online expenditures together totaled nearly $11.8 billion for the third quarter of 2006, a 1.5 percent decline from the same quarter a year ago. Spending for print ads in newspapers totaled more than $11.1 billion, down 2.6 percent from the same period a year ago.

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