The Mobile Majority Wants Your Small Business

mobile small business

Remember when mobile phones used to be about..making a call? Neither do I. The explosive growth of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices over the past few years has drastically and permanently changed the way we socialize, work, and do business. The net-net? It’s imperative to travel with your customers and prospects wherever they go. In … [Read more]

5 Creative Solutions for Twitter Embeds on WordPress

Twitter Embeds on WordPress

When WordPress came out with the ability to embed Tweets on posts and pages, a few of us thought, “cool.” It’s so easy. Just click on “Expand”, then on “Details,” which will open up the single tweet. Then just copy and paste the URL. And there you are: a sweet, instantly embedded tweet, like this: … [Read more]

Free Gift: WordPress Training from Bob Dunn [12 Days of Giveaways]

WP Starters

A free gift from NMX Speaker Bob Dunn: WordPress Training Videos Here at NMX, planning for our January event is in full swing…but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for the holidays! That’s why, every day from now through December 25, we’re featuring a brand new giveaway for the entire NMX community! Bob Dunn … [Read more]

Bob Dunn talks about WordPress Blogs

There are lots of popular blogging platforms out there these days, but WordPress has an incredibly loyal fanbase. NMX speaker and regular guest blogger Bob Dunn is a WordPress expert and regularly shares his knowledge with blogging newbies and established veterans. Check out what Bob has to say about self-hosting, helpful plugins, and customization in … [Read more]

6 Steps to Becoming a Podcaster


One year and some weeks ago, I wrote an article here at Blogw—well, at the time it was Blogworld—called A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting Basics. Thinking about what I wanted to write this week, I figured re-visiting that might be a good idea. More and more people are becoming interested in the medium all the time, … [Read more]

24 Must-Read WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress tips

Whenever I do a workshop on WordPress, I see the little flashes, the light bulbs that turn on when someone finally “gets it.” And it isn’t always something earth-shattering. Often it’s that tiny problem that’s been bugging you forever. You know—the one that when you solve it, life becomes a little easier. Here 24 tips … [Read more]

17 Free WordPress Plugins for Blog Monetization

monetization plugins for bloggers

One of the reasons I like WordPress as a blogging platform is the vast library of plugins to add functionality to your blog. No matter what your niche, there are tons of awesome plugin options, many of which we’ve already talked about here on the NMX blog, along with other awesome tools for your blog. … [Read more]

State of the Blogging World in 2012

Imagine how differently things would be if WordPress were never created. Before I started my blog five years ago at, everything I did was through basic HTML and if I ever wanted something complex done, I would have to contact a programmer or just didn’t end up pursuing it. Jump ahead a few years … [Read more]

Q & A with Bob: 5 of My Most Frequently Asked WordPress Questions

FAQ WordPress

We live in a quick-and-easy culture. We want everything fast. That is why we hear so many WordPress peeps saying: Set up your blog in less than an hour! Start blogging in minutes! WordPress is so easy, even my 90-year-old grandmother can set up her own blog! Changing themes is as simple as putting on … [Read more]

Seven WordPress Hacks for Bloggers


There are tons of awesome blogging platforms to consider, but WordPress is definitely one of the most popular content management systems out there – and with good reason. It’s easy to use and easy to customize, even if you’re a beginner. But as you begin to use it more and more, you start learning little … [Read more]