School District Proposes Social Media Policy for Teachers

Teachers Social media policy

After the English Teacher at a Philadelphia high school was suspended for things she said about her students on her blog, it made schools take a closer look at their policies and propose a social media policy. The teacher has since won her court case and is allowed to teach again, but the whole situation … [Read more]

Teacher Faces Termination For Complaining About Students on Facebook


You know you’re supposed to be careful what you say via social media, right? So, why is it that some people still write controversial things and try to justify it in when they’re called out on it? Case in point: Last year veteran Brooklyn teacher Christine Rubino took to Facebook to vent her frustration with … [Read more]

Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Business

business social media policy

As more and more companies and businesses jump into social media – creating Facebook fan pages, adding Twitter accounts, and joining LinkedIn groups – it’s important to create a social media policy to hand out to your staff and employees. Whether it’s a quick and easy guideline to follow, or a full set of instructions, … [Read more]

Does Your Company Have a Social Media Policy?

According to Canadian Business (which surveyed 16 executives from various companies) companies are lacking in the social media policy department.  What if an employee is spending company time on social networks?  Does the employee need to identify himself as an employee on his social networks if he is talking about the company?  Are there any … [Read more]