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25 Brilliant Bloggers and Podcasters Talk about #NMX 2013!


Brilliant Bloggers is a regular series here at the NMX/BlogWorld blog, but this week’s edition is a little special. Instead of talking about a specific skill, I’ve compiled links to some of those who blogged about NMX 2013 in Las Vegas. There are even some podcasters on this list, and as always, if I missed your link, please feel free to post in the comments!

Without further adieu, here are the brilliant bloggers and podcasters talking about NMX 2013:

  1. 6 Marketing Lessons Learned at the 2013 New Media Expo by Dan Gorgone (@dangorgone)
  2. 10 Social Media Lessons Learned from Ford – Scott Monty New Media Expo Keynote #nmx by Tom Treanor (@rtmixmktg)
  3. 38 Game-Changing Experiences for Business and Beyond (New Media Expo 2013) by Joel Zaslofsky(@joelzaslofsky)
  4. Can You Prove That New Media Are Effective? A Report from NMX 2013 by Tin Dizdarevic (@tdizdarevic)
  5. Day One of New Media Expo #NMX 2013 by Eleanor Prior (@theeleanorprior)
  6. Five Things I’m Doing Differently This Week Because of NMX by Erika Kerekes (@erikakerekes)
  7. Live from #NMX: 6 Ways to Make 2013 When Your Social Media Presence Hits the Big Time by Jesse Stanchak (@jstanchak)
  8. Meeting a Fellow Renegade at New Media Expo by Lisa Shaughnessy (@agilitysoccues)
  9. New Media Expo 2013 Review and My Biggest Takeaway’s from the Event by Chris Ducker (@chriscducker)
  10. New Media Expo: A Recap by Mitch Canter (@studionashvegas)
  11. New Media Expo Las Vegas 2013 Recap by Jason Parks (@TheMediaCaptain)
  12. NMX Blogworld 2013-Las Vegas by Lynn Dye (@lynntotherescue)
  13. NMX Takeaways: It’s All About the Community by Andrea Parker (@bigideasblog)
  14. NMX was Buzzing this Week – Here’s our Recap by Elizabeth Michaud (@uberVU)
  15. Post New Attendee Show Homework Tips by Elizabeth Traub (@elizonthego)
  16. Review of New Media Expo 2013 and Turning a Page on My Past Failure [Video] by John Corcoran (@johncorcoran)
  17. The #NMX Experience 2013 by Denise Garratt (@SimplyD)
  18. The Real Story at New Media Expo Wasn’t About New Media by Barry Feldman (@feldmancreative)
  19. What I Learned from Attending New Media Expo 2013 in Las Vegas! by Bernad Geropp (@MoreLeadership)
  20. Why Can’t Bloggers and Journos Get Along? #NMX recap by Peter C. Beller (@ebyline)
  21. You Should Have Been at NMX 2013 by Peter Pollock (@peterpollock)

Podcasts and Videos:

Don’t be shy! If I missed your recap of #NMX, add your link with a comment below!

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