Did These Top Five 2012 New Media Predictions Come True?

2012 new years

As 2012 comes to a close, I think we can call the biggest prediction (that the world would end) a bust. But what about predictions about blogging, social networking, and other parts of the new media world? Let’s take a look at 2012 predictions and whether or not they came true. Prediction #1: Photo and … [Read more]

Is New Media Destroying the News? How the Obamacare Ruling Highlighted a Growing Problem in the Media

Is New Media Destroying The News

Yesterday, several politicians tweeted in celebration that Obamacare (new and controversial health care law in the United States, for those of you who are living in other countries and not paying attention to U.S. news) was repealed. The problem? It was actually upheld by the Supreme Court, not found unconstitutional and repealed. Mashable actually has … [Read more]

Five Questions with C.C. Chapman – Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft – BlogWorld TV

C.C, Chapman will be presenting a hangout session on Monday April 16th.

Today, C.C. Chapman is our featured “Five Questions with” guest in the latest episode of BlogWorld TV. We’ll find out what C.C. is looking forward to at BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York (he’ll be signing his book, Content Rules, there!) and his plans to visit Book Expo America (BEA), which is co-located with BlogWorld. In … [Read more]

Is New Media Making Communication Too Casual?


Earlier today, I saw a tweet from one of my friends to his wife. It simply said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!” Part of me smiled and felt those warm fuzzies. The other part of me…well…cringed. Now, since this duo lives together, I can only assume that he said Valentine’s Day to her in person as … [Read more]

25 Social Media Posts Everyone Should Read

brass tack thinking

When I first started writing this post, it was called “25 Social Media Blogs Everyone Should Read.” Then, I realized something. There are a lot of social media blogs out there that are awesome, but not right for everyone’s tastes. After some further work, I realized something else – there are a lot of really … [Read more]

Five Things They Didn’t Tell You About Working from Home


Working in new media allows you to, in many cases, work out of a home office. I love that aspect of my job – I can make my own schedule, bake cookies while I blog, turn on the TV if I want, take a break to play with my cat during the day, wake up/go … [Read more]

The New Media Trust Manifesto

Is this what your employee acts like online? How does that look for your brand?

In the new media world, everything is constantly changing. Sometimes, I feel that in the few hours it takes to write a post, my idea is already out of date. I have strong opinions, but I am never surprised when my opinions change. It’s not a matter of being unable to stand for something; it’s … [Read more]

5 Tips for Elevating Brand Preference via New Media


… by Matt Gentile, Director of PR and Social Media, Century 21 Real Estate LLC If consumers are already aware of your brand, how do you take it to the next level?  What is necessary to develop a relationship where the consumer chooses your company as their preferred source for valuable information, research and knowledge … [Read more]

In The New Media World, “Experienced” Doesn’t Always Mean “Better”

grandpa and kid

We all have our blogging and social media idols. They’re the people who first got us into this whole crazy new media industry, the ones who taught us what we needed to know to get started. Most of the time, these idols are fixtures in the industry – everyone interested in new media (or your … [Read more]

New Media Shame?


At BlogWorld and other such conferences, we’re completely immersed in all the geeky new media stuff we know and love. But BlogWorld is only a few days every fall and spring. The rest of the time, we’re scattered across country and around the world where most people don’t understand what we do or why we … [Read more]