How to Turn Spam Emails into Blog Sponsorship Sales

spam emails sponsorship sales

Who among us doesn’t receive a mountain of spam on a daily basis? How would you like to turn those spam emails into cold, hard cash? No, I’m not advocating that you reply to the Prince of Nigeria who wants to send you money. What I am suggesting, however, is that you can reply to … [Read more]

12 Reasons Why Your Blog Hasn’t Made You a Millionaire…Yet

reasons blog millionaire

A few months ago, we published an infographic highlighting the top young entrepreneurs who have made millions online. Believe it or not, this list doesn’t just include social network owners (like Mark Zuckerberg) and eccommerce business owners. Bloggers were also represented on this list of millionaires. The next time your parents tell you to “get … [Read more]

How to Transform Your Dormant Sites into Fabulous Sources of Passive Income

Transform your dormant sites

If you actually took the time to follow the advice of domain services experts in regards to buying and protecting your domain name, then you probably have a few dormant websites lying around. This is because these experts often advise us to buy as many TLDs of our chosen domain name as we can to … [Read more]

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Digital Products on Your Blog (Step Three)

Step Three Create Your Product

So far in this guide, we’ve talked about building relationships to help you sell your product and about choosing the right product format and topic. Today, it’s time to get down to the meat of selling a digital product: we’re talking about how to go about creating the product itself. It can seem like a … [Read more]

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Digital Products on Your Blog (Step Two)

Step Two Choose the Perfect Product

Yesterday, I started this “selling digital products” series with step one, about building relationships. Today, let’s get into the meat of selling digital products and actually talk about the type of product you’re going to sell. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of just starting to create, but in actuality, it behooves you to … [Read more]

How Should I Spend Money on My Blog?

how should i spend money on my blog

Over the last few years, blogging has gone from “that kinda weird thing that Internet people do” to mainstream. My mother still uses a pre-paid cell phone, has never been on Facebook, and had dial-up Internet up until about a year ago. And she has a blog. One of the biggest reasons that blogging is … [Read more]

Better Blog Pages: Pages to Help You Make More Money (Day Five)


This post is part of a five-part series about creating better blog pages. You can see all the posts in this series here. If your blog is monetized, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to make more money while still keeping content quality high. Creating a few pages with monetization in mind is … [Read more]

Introducing Our Brand New Free Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Blog and Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsorship Ebook Cover

If you’re a blogger or podcaster wondering how in the world others in your field have caught the attention of major sponsors, you aren’t alone. Working with brands can take your content monetization to the next level, but sponsors don’t just materialize out of thin air and offer you cash for your blog or podcast … [Read more]

17 Free WordPress Plugins for Blog Monetization

monetization plugins for bloggers

One of the reasons I like WordPress as a blogging platform is the vast library of plugins to add functionality to your blog. No matter what your niche, there are tons of awesome plugin options, many of which we’ve already talked about here on the NMX blog, along with other awesome tools for your blog. … [Read more]

The Number One Mistake You’re Making if You Want Sponsors

Sponsors Mistake

You have awesome content. Your traffic is steadily increasing. You’re setting yourself apart from other bloggers and podcasters in your niche. And yet, still, no sponsors or advertisers are knocking on your door. Why? Why is no one interested when it seems like “lesser” content creators in your niche have more opportunities than they know … [Read more]