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BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA Book Signing Schedule


Did you know that many of our speakers are authors too? Well they are! And now you can get signed copies of their books and chat for a few minutes during the BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA event.

Location: Barnes & Noble / BlogWorld Book Store, located in the lobby near Registration.

Time Table 1 Table 2
Thursday November 3rd
1:00PM – 1:45PM Peter Shankman
2:00PM – 2:45PM Mari Smith Brian Reich
3:00PM – 3:45PM Jay Baer Mike Schneider/Aaron Strout
4:00PM – 4:45PM Chris Brogan Robb Wolf
Friday November 4th
10:00AM – 10:45AM Jonathan Fields Douglas Karr
1:00PM – 1:45PM C.C. Chapman Jim Kukral
2:00PM – 2:45PM Marc Pitman Aliza Sherman
3:00PM – 3:45PM Michael Brito Tom Terwilliger
4:00PM – 4:45PM Julie Spira Bill Torgerson
Saturday November 5th
1:00PM – 1:45PM Jason Falls Michael Stelzner
2:00PM – 2:45PM Bruce Sallan Clay Nichols
3:00PM – 3:45PM Pace & Kyeli Smith

Brian Gramo Gets Creative with Live Streaming


Session: Producers: Being Creative in Producing a Live Streaming
Speaker: Brian Gramo

Brian Gramo will be speaking at BlogWorld LA about being creative in producing live streaming productions, where he’ll share the wealth of information he’s accumulated over the past five years. While he started off in a small bedroom in Santa Monica, in the video below he walks you through his four thousand square-foot facility in Hollywood!

During his session, Brian will be talking about integrating multiple cameras and also how to interact with your fans while you’re live streaming. Whether you’re streaming from a professional facility or your apartment, he has a lot of advice to share.

Hear what else Brian has to say:

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Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

How to Seriously Rock the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket

virtyal ticket LA

Wow. When I started working with BlogWorld to reinvent the Virtual Ticket, I knew it’d be cool but I didn’t count on the amount of buzz we were going to create and how many people would be interested in it.

I also didn’t anticipate how many people would have questions. Many, many, many questions.

So as a service to everyone who’s signed up (or everyone who is thinking about it, or anyone with a live pass who wants to add the VT), I figured it might make sense to answer some of of the questions we’ve been asked about attending BWELA from the comfort of your own home, your office, or a construction site Port-a-John.

Here we go:

Q: What is the experience of attending BlogWorld through the Virtual Ticket like?

A: During the conference, you’ll be able to follow the action at the actual live event by watching our social media and a private Virtual Ticket site for video, photos, and other updates. Since I’m your host, the idea is that I’m there “for you” and will stream or upload sporadic video of people I run into or backstage-type situations I get myself into. All of this video goes into the VT website, so you won’t need to watch it live.

As the days go on, you can interact with me and henchwoman Jess on Twitter and/or through email and can send us questions or hurl insults. We also encourage you to connect with other VT attendees.

Then, as we process the videos of the session recordings, we’ll add those to the site and you can begin making your way through the 100+ hours of individual conference sessions. (This takes a while, so note that session recordings will be available about a week after the conference ends.) 

Remember, the Virtual Ticket always moves at your speed. There’s a ton of material and you can watch some of it live or you can spread its huge volume of content it out over weeks, months, or a full year if you’d like. Your way, on your schedule.

Q: What’s the best way to follow the action while the conference is going on?

A: If you’d like to simulate some of the “being there” feel of the live event, the best way to keep tabs on things is probably by following the Twitter account we set up for the Virtual Ticket to get photos, video, and updates. You can also keep an eye on your email and on the private Virtual Ticket site, as well as Facebook. (We’ll tell you how to do all of this when you register.)

Q: Is attending the VT like being there live in terms of time commitment? Should I block off a few days to “attend” virtually?

A: Most of the content of BlogWorld is in the conference sessions, and we can’t stream every one of those live. So no, there’s no need to take large blocks of time away from work and family to attend, which is one of the beauties of virtual attendance. If you’d like to check in on the live event as we recommend, keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and the VT site as you go about your business, but otherwise there’s no real need to mess up your normal schedule.

Q: Will I miss anything if I can’t watch any of the live (or quasi-live) stuff?

A: Not really! Everything we record (including the on-site stuff) will be archived on the VT site. To get the most “experience” of BlogWorld as possible — to be able to chat about conference goings-on and be able to ask questions — we suggest going through the day’s “recorded live” material each evening or whenever you have time. However, you’re the boss, just like Tony Danza. So if you wanted to wait until three months later to look at any of the material, that’s fine too.

Q: Do we get access to ALL of the conference sessions?

A: The answer is a qualified yes. We’re recording them all, but sometimes we lose one to tech glitches between recording and posting on the VT site (which typically takes about a week), so we can’t guarantee that each and every will be there. But most will, which is one of the reasons the VT is great even for live attendees! When you’re there live, you can’t watch two sessions that are scheduled at the same time… but if you have the Virtual Ticket recordings, you can.

Q: How long do I have access to the Virtual Ticket?

A: You get access to absolutely all of the material (including the on-site and behind-the-scenes footage and the VT bonuses, like exclusive interviews) for a full year.

So there you have it… your complete Q&A guide to the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket!

BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA starts next Thursday, so if you’ve been wishing you could attend but can’t quite manage it, you might want to sign up for the Virtual Ticket so you can experience the next best thing for a fraction of the cost.

You can register for the Virtual Ticket here.

(And if you bought a live ticket and would like to add the Virtual Ticket to your registration for $49, send an email to registration@blogworldexpo.com to request it.)

See you in LA!

Well, I’ll be in LA. You’ll be at home, probably in pajamas or something.

Johnny B. Truant is the host and M.C. of the newly-redesigned BlogWorld Virtual Ticket. You can connect with him on Twitter as @JohnnyBTruant.

Cirque du Soleil® IRIS – Special Promo Code for BlogWorld Attendees


Cirque du Soleil® is offering BlogWorld attendees a special promotional code to experience their newest show … IRIS, a Journey Through the World of Cinema™ on either November 2nd or November 6th.

Created exclusively for the Kodak Theatre, IRIS offers a new take on the art of cinema as only Cirque du Soleil could imagine it. By combining dance, acrobatics, live video, film footage and interactive projections, the show illustrates both the mechanics of cinema and its extraordinary power to deceive the eye.

The show’s two young heroes – Buster and Scarlett – find themselves plunged into the joyful chaos of a film set, and their escapades are supported by an orchestral score composed by Grammy Award-winner Danny Elfman. IRIS is written and directed by French stage and film director, artistic director, dancer and choreographer Philippe Decouflé, who created the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games.

Pat Flynn Speaks About “Being Everywhere”


Session: How to Be Everywhere: Building a Profitable Brand by Thinking Outside the Blog
Speaker: Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn will be presenting at BlogWorld LA on how to be “Be Everywhere” – which means that as a blogger you have to consider your blog as the “home” for your brand – but your brand doesn’t just stick to one platform. Pat will show you how to expand your brand using free and inexpensive ways to reach out, expand your brand, become more of an authority, diversify your content, and become more than just a blogger.

Hear what else Pat has to say:

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Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

Georgia Getz Speaks on How to Raise & Train Your Blog


Session: How To Raise & Train Your Blog
Speaker: Georgia Getz

Georgia Getz will be speaking at BlogWorld LA about how the acquisition of a blog is not very different from the acquisition of a pet! Topics like blogproofing your home, naming your blog, basic training, early socialization, and more.

Hear what else Georgia has to say:

Watch more videos and see why other speakers are attending BlogWorld LA. See all Speakers here.

Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

Your Blog is a Supermarket and Your Readers Are Your Shoppers: How to Keep Them Full and Happy


Session: Stop Losing Readers and Subscribers: A Walk Through a User Friendly Blog
Speaker: Bob Dunn

The best supermarkets make shopping a breeze. You get in, get exactly what you want, and get out.

They have planned your experience. Thought about how to display their goods, how to get you where you want, and how to get you to buy more.

Whether you go to a big box store like Costco or your local market where everyone knows your name, you are looking for certain things: you want clean, uncluttered, items that are easy to find, and someone who will help you when you need it.

Your blog is like a supermarket. You have certain stuff—your content—that you want people to consume. You want to help them find the things they need. And you want to make the experience so easy and pleasant that they will not only come back, but they will tell all their friends about you. Here are some tips taken directly from your neighborhood supermarket’s playbook.

5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Shopper-Friendly

1. Don’t make them wonder if they are at the right place.

If you drive up to a Safeway or Costco, you know immediately where you are because the huge sign with the big block letters tells you.
Your blog’s header is that sign. First impressions count, a lot, so make it stand out, and if your blog is part of your business, have it reflect your brand. Consider adding a tagline if the blog name doesn’t say enough about what readers can expect to get there.

2. Keep the aisles and side areas clean and uncluttered.

Get rid of the junk. Make everything in your sidebar offer something valuable, something the reader needs. Because if that Top 10 Pop Songs widget or the link to e-bay distracts them, they may leave, never to return.

3. Understand that each person’s shopping list is a little different.

Your reader knows what she wants. Your job is to mark your stuff so clearly that she can grab it and put it in her “cart.”
Categories (think of them like chapters in a book) and tags (the index) are one way to help your readers what’s on their list. So if your blog is about Japanese cooking, some of your categories might be poultry, pork and meatless. The more specific tags might be the ingredients that go into the dishes, like eggplant, garlic, ginger and soy sauce, so people looking recipes with a certain taste or flavor know just where to go.

4. Make it easy to ask questions. 

Have you ever noticed that the best grocery stores have staff who can help you find what you need and get you on your way?
The best blogs do that, too. Be sure you have a bold, highly visible way for your readers to contact you. They may have a personal question about a post or they might want to ask about hiring you or buying your products. At the minimum, have a big contact button in your home page navigation bar and a contact link on your about page.

5. Encourage them to consume more.

The best supermarkets are brilliant at getting you to purchase additional items. If you are in the fine cheeses department, you may notice a helpful sign that says, “The Isabel Sauvignon Blanc 2005 goes beautifully with our aged Brie.” And then they have a few bottles on a stand within arm’s reach of the cheese.
You can do the same thing with your blog. The nrelate plugin at the bottom of your blog posts will pull in and link to other posts on the same or similar topics. This keeps readers on your blog longer and helps them “consume” more of your content as they poke around the site.
Oh, and one more thing. Like the friendly checker at the checkout stand, ask your readers how their experience was. Did they find everything they needed in your post? Did you leave something out? Do they have any questions?
Bob Dunn will walk you through more tips and strategies for making your blog user-friendly in his “Stop Losing Readers and Subscribers: A Walk Through a User-Friendly Blog” session on Saturday, November 5 at BlogWorld LA. If you are there, he’d love to meet you.

Bob Dunn is a WordPress trainer and coach in Seattle and can be found at BobWP.com, where he blogs, shares WordPress tips, and offers video tutorials to help you get unstuck. He loves talking WordPress, and when he isn’t doing that, he is reading fiction that scares the crap out of him or gets him laughing. Find him on Twitter at bobwp.

You Might Be In Tourism If….

corn palace

… by Sheila Scarborough and Becky McCray

One of the things we love about blogging is the publishing flexibility. You can either go deep into a niche topic, cover a broader field or, heck, “kitchen sink” it with whatever has you fired up at the moment.

We generally advise picking one focus area so readers know what to expect when they seek out your work, but sometimes that means that people skip over really good blogs because they think the insights won’t apply to them.

Our niche area, for example, is tourism – the industry that attempts to attract tourists and visitors to a destination, usually funded by a town, city or region via some sort of tax on your hotel bill.

So what, right? Unless you’re really into that, or a big traveler, why should that interest you if you blog about parenting or history or food or business or technology?

Well, you might be in tourism if….

  • Friends who come to visit your town ask you for “the good places where locals go.” 
  • Out-of-towners ever walk through the doors of your business.
  • You are a food enthusiast, artist, crafter, microbrewer, winemaker or anyone who makes things that are bought by visitors to your town.
  • You’re involved with economic development, historic preservation, downtown development/Main Street programs, a museum, a historical society, your local Chamber of Commerce or state/local government.
  • Your town is located on a heritage highway or scenic byway.
  • You write reviews and tips for your local restaurants, coffee shops, stores, art galleries, etc on Yelp, Foursquare, Gowalla or TripAdvisor.
  • You’re a gardener who supports a popular local botanical garden, nature preserve or park.
  • You’re a meeting planner who needs to know where to find good conference or meeting venues.
  • You’re a Civil War or Renaissance Faire re-enactor in your local area.
  • You upload cool photos of your town to your local city government or Visitors Bureau Flickr Group Pool.

….and finally, you are involved in tourism if anyone has ever stopped you in your town and said something like, “We’re visiting and need directions to get to ____. Can you help?” or if they’ve ever handed you their camera and asked if you wouldn’t mind taking a photo of them in front of one of your local landmarks.

Does any of the above sound like you?

Or would you rather just attend no-BS BlogWorld sessions on creating better video content, integrating social media into your overall marketing plan, zero-budget social communications or social photography like Foodspotting and photo walks?

Either way, sounds like you’d enjoy this year’s Tourism and Travel Track, Room 150C Thursday through Saturday.

And hey; take a good photo with that visitor’s camera, okay?

Becky McCray and Sheila Scarborough are BlogWorld’s Tourism Track leaders; this year they’re double-billed with an outstanding Travel Track run by Mary Jo Manzanares.

Becky and Sheila co-founded Tourism Currents: online education that helps make sense of social media for destination marketing. Keep up with them on @TourismCurrents.

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Dr. Val Jones Talks Using Social Media for Physicians


Session: Physicians Engaging Online in Social Health
Speaker: Dr. Val Jones

Dr. Val Jones will be speaking at BlogWorld LA about physicians engaging in socia media and will use real-life examples from her own experience to tell the story about how physicians can use social media in their practices and beyond.

Hear what else Dr. Val has to say:

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Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

Gordon Firemark Helps You Reduce Your Risk of Liability


Session: Don’t Let Your Content Land You in Legal Hot Water
Speaker: Gordon Firemark

Gordon Firemark will be speaking at BlogWorld LA on the rules and risks of creating your content – no matter how you use social media. He’ll be talking about copyright, trademarks, libel and slander, rights of privacy and publicity, and will share simple strategies to reduce your risk of liability!

Hear what else Gordon has to say:

Watch more videos and see why other speakers are attending BlogWorld LA. See all Speakers here.

Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

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