Four Ways Service Businesses Can Stand Out This Holiday Season


Christmas Creep started even earlier this year (was it my imagination or did I see ads before Halloween?). For retail owners—both brick and mortar and online—the pressure is amped up to get in the holiday spirit, rack up sales, give deep discounts, and plaster their real and virtual storefronts with holiday decorations. But for professional … [Read more]

Six Ways to Make Your Brand Shine in a Small Business Blog

Ask a dozen marketers what “branding” means and you’ll get a dozen answers. Why? Because it’s a word with many meanings, depending on who’s doing the defining. This blog alone shows 30 unique definitions, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What we do know is that branding is that it is the yin-yang of … [Read more]

Creative Blogging with a Persona: An Artist, Journalist, and Reviewer Walk into a Blog…

We’re all guilty of going on auto-pilot with our blog once in a while: maybe we missed our deadline and need to whip up something quick, or we have to churn out a piece on a hot topic everyone else has done already, or worse yet, our eyes glaze over at the same old format … [Read more]

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Online Business Success? All You Have to Do is SMILE.


Here at NMX, we have an all-staff meeting the day before the show to make sure everyone is on the same page and the event can run as smoothly as possible. Since I’ve been a part of NMX (and I’m assuming even before), one of the points our CEO Rick Calvert always makes is that … [Read more]

Financial Terms Every Serious Blogger Should Know


Who knew that blogging would someday become a legitimate career choice? And that a blog could be classified as a real business? Ten years ago, blogging was considered something cat lovers did in their spare time, and now it’s a bonafide business venture. As a small business accountant during those ten years, I’ve seen it … [Read more]

How Does Blogging Help You Boost Traffic and Generate Leads? [Infographic]


Whether your company blogs or not, it’s important to not disregard its significance. Blogging has three proven ways to help boost your brand and market your business. They are proven to generate traffic, leads and help spearhead your social media marketing efforts. Blogging takes effort, but as this infographic shows, time spent implementing a blog … [Read more]

How Social Media is Changing the Face of Hiring

Social media has made a huge impact on recruitment and the recruitment process. Companies, head hunters, and recruitment agencies are turning to social media sites to promote available positions, research potential applicants, and make a decision on whether the applicant they have chosen is the best match for their business. On average, recruitment statistics show … [Read more]

Small Town Business Values in an Online World: Yes, It is Possible!

small town business values

Growing up in a small town of fewer than 100 people (yes, you read that right…fewer than 100!) was not always the easiest, but one thing I will always treasure is the values I learned growing up and working in a small, family-owned business. We worked hard and we played hard. We helped our neighbors. … [Read more]

4 Essential Apps for Increasing Profits in a Small Business


When it comes to running a business, it’s important to take advantage of every tool you can find to make things run more efficiently. This is especially true of small businesses where you don’t have as many employees to take care of organization, payment and other tasks. Fortunately, the following apps are examples of tools  … [Read more]

Stan Slap’s Business Case for Humanity [Video]

At NMX 2013, Dan Keldsen got the chance to sit down with Stap Slap, author and CEO of Slap Company, to talk about the intersection of business and human nature. Stan says that he’s “in the business of making a business case for humanity,” because without understanding the culture of your management, employees, and customers, … [Read more]