Are Mom Bloggers Worthy of Marketing Dollars and Here to Stay?

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Some predict mom bloggers are here to stay, while others say their demise is coming soon. I was just reading an interesting article on MomCrunch about why mom bloggers aren’t going anywhere. As mom blogging exploded, the question “are they worthy of marketing dollars?” was raised. Here’s what MomCrunch has to say about that: Mom … [Read more]

After Business Plans for Bloggers


… by Thursday Bram Business plans can be a scary topic to bring up with bloggers: many of us have very clear ideas on how we want to make money with our sites and the consideration that there are numbers change the ball game can be terrifying. I knew this going into my session at … [Read more]

Zoom Out and Get Some Perspective On Your Blog


When you’ve got your nose to the screen and your fingers on the keyboard, it’s hard to pause and take in the bigger picture. After all, you’ve got a blog post to write today, a bunch of comments to reply to, and Twitter and Facebook to check. You might have great daily – or weekly … [Read more]

Scott Stratten Doesn’t Know Who You Are

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Scott Stratten was the keynote speaker at BlogWorld 2010, and getting to meet him was definitely a cool moment for me, since I respect his work. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, and it led me to realize something important that I wanted to share with you: Scott Stratten doesn’t know … [Read more]

Bloggers Unite to Urge Release of Comrade


Sure, bloggers may be a competitive lot – especially when they’re struggling to capture readers in a crowded niche. But there’s one thing they often band together on – freedom of speech and civil rights. A collective of bloggers and activists have launched a blog to campaign for the release of Ali Abdulemam, a blogger … [Read more]

Go Where The Geeks Are: Why Tech Events Matter for Tourism And Travel

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Panel: Tourism Currents workshop on social media for tourism Speakers: Sheila Scarborough and Becky McCray Date/Time: October 14, 09:45 – 5:00 Those who want to connect with visitors online need to speak their language, understand their communication tools and appreciate their culture and etiquette. Your CVB (Convention and Visitor’s Bureau) cannot make smart decisions about … [Read more]

Blogging Statistics Show Most Bloggers are Young and Living in the USA

Sysomos analyzed more than 100 million blog posts that provided information about their age, gender and location information to gather blogging statistics. In a report released this month, they say that bloggers tend to be: Between 21-35 years of age (53.3%) Male or Female (females outweighed males by a mere 1.8%) Living in the United … [Read more]

BlogWorld is proud to announce our new Managing Blog Editor, Nikki Katz

This all began one night last year…I was tweeting, answering the “What are you doing?” question, true to Twitter’s purpose. What was I doing? Complaining about the final Prison Break episodes being spaced too far apart, of course; I couldn’t stand it. There was no damned good reason FOX should cruelly keep me waiting like … [Read more]

Why is "Linkbait" Such a Dirty Word?

As bloggers, we’re supposed to be building traffic with good, useful content. Though it’s something we all strive for, we’re not supposed to publicly state how much we want to build traffic and back links. We don’t want anyone to know we want our posts to go viral. We would be scandalized if folks knew … [Read more]