The Friends Approach to Creating Characters for Your Web Series

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So no one told you life was gonna be this way… Every web series needs a great cast of characters. But developing believable, interesting characters is easier said than done. It’s the same across all fictional mediums, no matter why you’re writing characters. The process isn’t easy. For character creation inspiration, I like to turn … [Read more]

The Chromecast Revolution: Web TV’s Move Toward Mainstream


At first, blogging was a brand new concept, but today, everyone and their grandmother has one, and most successful businesses use them as marketing tools. Then, podcasting was the new kid on the block, but a 2012 report shows that “as many as 40% percent of Americans now listen to audio on digital devices, and … [Read more]

How to Promote Your Web Series with a Blog

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Looking for new ways to promote your web series? A blog is one of your best options. Businesses use blogs as part of a larger content marketing strategy. This means that the blog itself doesn’t make money, but it brings traffic to a website so people become aware of what you’re promoting. There’s no reason … [Read more]

Secrets to Web Series Success from Successful Producers [Video]

At the web series festival “HollyWeb 2013,” Web Series Channel took to the red carpet to ask successful producers, creators, and actors what it takes to have success in the web series world. Check out their advice: Some highlights: “The secret behind a successful web series is marketing it correctly. Seriously. You have to have … [Read more]

What Arrested Development’s Return Means for the Web TV Community

arrested development

Recently, Arrested Development returned to the air after seven years of wearing the all-too-common “cult classic that was cancelled by Fox” badge. This riches-to-rags story follows the fictional Bluth family and the cast includes notables such as Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Portia de Rossi. What’s notable about this release, however, is not … [Read more]

NMX Speaker Paul Kontonis’ Predictions for Web TV in 2013 [Video]

“We’re beyond linear growth. We’re now at explosive growth.” – Paul Kontonis During the IAWTV awards this past January, BeetTV got a chance to catch up with IAWTV Chair and NMX Speaker Paul Kontonis, who gave some predictions for the world of Web TV over the next year. Now that we’re almost two months into … [Read more]

How to Better Develop Your Web Series Characters using Secrets


If you’re producing a fictional web series, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time developing the story arcs. While I don’t personally produce web series, I have written my fair share of fiction, and today I wanted to share with you a character development technique that I learned from a fiction-writing class and that … [Read more]

Top Advice for Video Creators from IAWTV Award Winners

IAWTV sponsored an awesome video track at NMX 2013, and after the conference, they also hosted an awards ceremony for web TV content creators. NMX sponsor .tv got a chance to work the red carpet, interviewing some of the nominees and winners. But in this case, the question wasn’t “Who are you wearing?” Instead, correspondent … [Read more]

How to Turn ONE Piece of Content into an Online Marketing Marathon — Without Lifting a Finger!


What if you could create one piece of content, and then turn it into four completely separate pieces of fresh, original content to use all over the internet to help market and promote your online brand? It’s doable. And way easier than most think, and it’s the topic that I’ll be covering at my presentation … [Read more]

The NMX Web TV/Video Track


Video is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people who create videos are ramping up their efforts; turning their content into compelling web series. Is that you? If not, would you like to learn how? At New Media Expo, we have sensational sessions planned for web TV/video producers, podcasters, and bloggers. If you’re … [Read more]