Finding Sponsors: Where Do I Start?

Finding and attracting sponsors to your podcast, blog or web show is one of the most difficult, yet potentially most lucrative, aspects of your business. Business? Yes. If you’re looking to make money doing what you love, your content is a business. To that point, it’s important to treat your content creation that way from … [Read more]

Google Announces New Chromebook Price – $299

Google Chromebook

Google says “‘Tis the season for Chromebooks!”. Just in time for the upcoming Holiday season, Google announced a new lower price on their Chromebook, as well as a new streamlined interface. First, let’s start with the Chromebooks from both Acer and Samsung that will be available starting at $299. Google says, “We’ve also been working closely … [Read more]

New Research Shows Tablet Owners Love Their Tablets

Tablet owners

It’s no secret that Tablets are making a huge impact on society and technology use in general. A new study from GfK MRI’s iPanel proves that fact. The use of the Tablet is changing how much consumers use video game consoles, read books and newspapers, as well as how often they use computers. Here’s a … [Read more]

Report: Apple iPad Expected to Lead the Tablet Market Into 2014


A new report was released by Gartner today with some stats and trends on tablet brands. What was revealed is no surprise. The Apple iPad is leading the way and it’s projected that it will continue to do so for several years to come. According to the report, in 2010 the iPad accounted for 83% … [Read more]

Smartphone and Tablet Use to Surpass PCs by 2015

man using smartphone

With the ever growing popularity of tablets, and smartphones getting smarter by the minute, it’s no surprise what a new study has found. According to new data from International Data Corporation (IDC), more users will access the internet through mobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices by 2015. Smartphones are outselling the simple … [Read more]

The 7-Inch Amazon Kindle Tablet to Sell for $250

Amazon logo

According to a recent report, the Amazon tablet that is rumored to be releasing in October is real. One TechCrunch writer has seen it and played with it. He said it’s simply being called the “Amazon Kindle”, has full color content, a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and will run Android. As for the October release, … [Read more]

Amazon’s New Site Designed Geared Towards Tablet Users

New Amazon Site Design

You may have heard that Amazon is about to launch a brand new site design. Some are reporting it will happen this month, some say by October and others say the new design is “TBD”. Who knows when it will actually launch, but we do know that the new design is definitely geared towards tablet … [Read more]

Will the HP TouchPad Get a Chance at a Second Life?

HP TouchPad

After the death of the HP TouchPad was announced, it seems all anyone is talking about these days in terms of tablets is, yes, the HP TouchPad. The company lowered the price of the tablet from $500 to only $99 earlier this month and they went fast. So fast, they are almost impossible to find … [Read more]

HP Announces the Death of the TouchPad

HP TouchPad

In a bit of surprising news, Hewlett-Packard released their Q3 2011 financial results today, along with the announcement they are going to “discontinue operations for webOS devices.” Which means this is the death of their newly released HP TouchPad. They did say they “will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software … [Read more]

Logitech Releases Fold-up Keyboard for the iPad 2

Logitech fold up ipad keyboard 02

You can now pre-order a fold-up keyboard for your iPad 2 from Logitech. It’s an interesting concept that I’m not quite sure is going to sell well. Especially after the review given by Engadget and with the $129 price tag attached. Here are the features: When closed, the keyboard rest securely underneath your iPad for … [Read more]