Facebook Releases Their Top Games of 2011 List

Gardens of Time

Social gaming has been huge this year, from Facebook launching new game features to Google+ adding gaming to their social network. It will be both fun and interesting to see what 2012 has in store for game play within our favorite online social hangouts. Facebook released their Top Games of 2011 list yesterday (December 21). … [Read more]

Facebook Game “WeTopia” Links Fun and Philanthropy


What if you could play a Facebook game for fun and do good at the same time? I know. It sounds too good to be true. Sojo Studios announced the preview launch of WeTopia, a community-building game where players can develop a better world for children on both Facebook and in real life. Ellen DeGeneres … [Read more]

Rovio Hints at New Bird for Angry Birds


After 400 million downloads of their popular game Angry Birds, we all know who Rovio is. Some other fun stats include “130 million monthly users, 30 million daily active users, and 300 million minutes of game play each and every day” according to TechCrunch. Not bad for a few unhappy birds wouldn’t you say? Oh, … [Read more]

Zynga Announces New Facebook Games


Are you ready to get even more addicted to Facebook and spend even more time playing games on the social network than ever? Well, you’re in luck. The people at Zynga, who are responsible for popular Facebook games CityVille and FarmVille, announced a bunch of new games. The announcement came from their Zynga’s Unleashed event … [Read more]

Café World and Farmers Insurance Partner Up for Social Media Promotion, Includes Food Lover’s Contest

Cafe World and Farmers 01

Café World and Farmers Insurance have partnered up for what looks like one very fun social media campaign. From special features to a trip giveaway, this is one promotion you just might want to get involved in. If you like food, traveling, and hanging out with celebrity chefs that is. Players of Zynga’s Café World … [Read more]

Zynga’s CityVille Game Launches on Google+


One of Facebook‘s most popular games is coming to its competitor Google+. Back in July, Zynga announced they were bringing Zynga Poker, as well as other games to the social network. At the time, no one knew if that meant their two most popular games – CityVille and FarmVille. The company announced today, via their … [Read more]

Facebook Wants a Broader Range of Game Choices


Facebook’s recently added gaming features sounds like just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their dreams and desires for their gaming platform. In an interview with MCV, Sean Ryan – Facebook’s head of game partnerships, says he wants a broader selection of gaming choices such as the ones found on consoles. He … [Read more]

Game On! Facebook Launches New Gaming Features

Facebook games

It’s game on for Facebook who in the midst of Google+ announcing their new games, unveiled some new gaming features of their own. This little back and forth between Google+ and Facebook is getting fun isn’t it? Facebook’s new gaming features include the Game Ticker, where you’ll see a separate column on the right hand … [Read more]

Google+ Gradually Rolling Out Games

Google + games

Google made an announcement on their official blog today regarding the games we’ve all been hearing about. They are gradually rolling out games on Google+ and so far, they seem to have a decent selection to get you started. Google+ is all about sharing, but as they pointed out, sharing is more than just having … [Read more]

Rovio’s “Angry Birds” Making Its Way into the Classroom

angry birds facebook

What started out as just a seriously addicting game to play on your iPhone and iPod, has turned into a franchise gold mine possibly no one saw coming. I’m talking about Angry Birds. We first saw signs of this when they teamed up with the movie “Rio” and apparently, that was just the beginning. Brace … [Read more]