Why Your Twitter Disclaimer Does More Harm Than Good


If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times: My tweets do not represent the opinion of my employer. Is it just me, or is this the most ridiculous statement ever? Every time I see it, I get twitchy. Because it anything, you’re making things worse. People think that this disclaimer justifies bad … [Read more]

How to Build Your Brand Using Quora


Quora is a digital space for users to exchange knowledge. Unlike its competitors, Yahoo! Answers and ChaCha, Quora’s user base attracts experts. From the beginning, business CEOs, Hollywood producers, and notable journalists have been answering questions. Quora’s top answers are ones that were voted on by the users. Thus the answers that gain the most … [Read more]

4 Quick (but Necessary) Changes to Make to Your Facebook Page Right Now

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Is your Facebook page optimized?  Are you missing opportunities because you don’t have something set up quite right?  You could be getting more out of Facebook with just a few quick adjustments to your Facebook page and your posting strategy.  Here are 4 quick things that you can do to get more out of your … [Read more]

Lynette Young on Your Follower Count versus Your Bank Account

I’m not so naive to believe that follow count doesn’t matter. The bigger your audience, but more potential customers you have. But I think we can all get a bit caught up in caring too much about our follower numbers and not enough about how we’re going to convert those followers. Writes Lynette Young in … [Read more]

How Bloggers Can Run Successful Facebook Contests

Running a contest on Facebook just got easier! They’ve been making a ton of changes recently, and this is one I really like. Facebook recently decided to allow business pages to run contests without using an app, so now you can ask users to like a status, comment, send messages, and more in order to … [Read more]

Do Bloggers Need to be on Google+?

google plus

The principle behind the founding of Google is quite simple: Some webpages are much more important others. How do they decide which are the most important? Basically, importance is given to content that Google believes answers questions users have about a particular topic better than other webpages. The face of internet search technology was completely … [Read more]

An End to EdgeRank: What Does Facebook’s New Feed Algorithm Mean for Your Page?

Facebook EdgeRank has officially been retired, but that still doesn’t mean every single user will see every single post you write. Facebook has a new feed algorithm, and if you’re managing a page on this platform for your business, blog, podcast, or web series, it’s important to understand how Facebook’s changes are going to effect … [Read more]

Top 10 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Make With Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that focuses on sharing images… visuals, as opposed to text. Bloggers can use Pinterest to their advantage for promoting products, services and building your brand online. Yet, there are some major mistakes beginner bloggers need to avoid when it comes to Pinterest. Here are the top 10: 1. Using Dull … [Read more]

5 Mistakes Your Small Business is Making on Twitter

business on twitter

As a small business owner, it can be challenge to keep up with best social practices. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What am I doing wrong?” If you’re not seeing the results you think you should from Twitter, here are a few mistakes you might be making: Mistake #1: Broadcasting Without … [Read more]

Class in Session: Social Media Lessons from the Nation’s Best Schools

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Many of the nation’s best universities have discovered that social media is an excellent way to reach, impress and attract top-notch students. Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania are among the most active schools in this arena, turning to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and message boards to inform, entertain and recruit. Can business … [Read more]