Five ways to tell a visually compelling story online (Sponsored Post)

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In today’s digitally focused world, it can be hard to break through all of the clutter. This makes it increasingly important to stay on top of trends. As part of the Army Marketing and Research Group, we constantly think about how we can bring our target audience the information they seek, in the best possible … [Read more]

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Online Business Success? All You Have to Do is SMILE.


Here at NMX, we have an all-staff meeting the day before the show to make sure everyone is on the same page and the event can run as smoothly as possible. Since I’ve been a part of NMX (and I’m assuming even before), one of the points our CEO Rick Calvert always makes is that … [Read more]

Financial Terms Every Serious Blogger Should Know


Who knew that blogging would someday become a legitimate career choice? And that a blog could be classified as a real business? Ten years ago, blogging was considered something cat lovers did in their spare time, and now it’s a bonafide business venture. As a small business accountant during those ten years, I’ve seen it … [Read more]

How Does Blogging Help You Boost Traffic and Generate Leads? [Infographic]


Whether your company blogs or not, it’s important to not disregard its significance. Blogging has three proven ways to help boost your brand and market your business. They are proven to generate traffic, leads and help spearhead your social media marketing efforts. Blogging takes effort, but as this infographic shows, time spent implementing a blog … [Read more]

What Happens to Your Traffic when You Stop Writing at Your Blog?

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I taught a Marketing with Social Media MBA course at a fully accredited university in Silicon Valley earlier this year. The class ran from Feb 9 – April 28. There were 73 students enrolled. Just over 50 survived to the end. During the last day of class I asked my students, “How many of you have been … [Read more]

The Mobile Majority Wants Your Small Business

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Remember when mobile phones used to be about..making a call? Neither do I. The explosive growth of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices over the past few years has drastically and permanently changed the way we socialize, work, and do business. The net-net? It’s imperative to travel with your customers and prospects wherever they go. In … [Read more]

How Often Should I Blog?

One question I get asked a LOT is, “How much do I need to write at my blog?” The question needs clarification. How much does a blogger need to write to do what? Have an online platform? Get readers? Make money? Make money from traffic alone? Make money by offering display or affiliate ads? Make … [Read more]

The Unintentional Thought Leader: Seven Steps For Small Business Blogging

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When I launched Marketing Sparks three years ago, “thought leadership” was not a goal. Discuss issues I care about? Yes. Stoke my desire to write? Absolutely. Maybe even attract new business as a bonus? Of course. Over time, though, I discovered that a certain style of writing could help position my small business blog as an authority and go-to expert. … [Read more]

Follow 50+ MBA Level Case Studies in Content and Inbound Marketing


I, Bill Belew, wondered to myself, what if I could get a bunch of, say 50+ MBA-level students together in a classroom setting and have them take content and inbound marketing serious? Could I learn something? What would I learn? More prone to acting than just sitting around and thinking about things, I approached a university in the Bay Area … [Read more]

Why Have a Blog If You Don’t Use It?


You’ve seen those frightful business websites before, hopefully not including your own. You land on the site and it provides you with detailed information on the respective company. Once you navigate a little more, it comes to your knowledge that the company’s blog is looking like a lost child. One of the first thoughts likely … [Read more]