Facebook Buys Instagram: Should Users “Like” This Status Update?

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Today, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg announced the company has acquired the user-friendly smartphone picture app Instagram, which made news last week when it (finally) came to Android. The purchase price? A whopping ONE BILLION DOLLARS. But all things considered, that might be a bargain for Facebook, depending on user reaction. And I think users are … [Read more]

New Lightbox App Feature – Your Photo Journal

Lightbox app 01

The social photo app for Android, Lightbox, unveiled a new app today with a new feature – The Photo Journal – which allows others to follow your updates, as well as like, comment and share. The fantastic thing about this new photo journal is it requires no extra work on your part. Just update the … [Read more]

Using Flickr Groups For Engagement & Content


Last October at BlogWorld & New Media Expo, Kris Krüg and I spoke about using photography to improve your blog. One of the suggestions I gave was to offer a way for your readers to submit photos that might become part of your blog’s community. While this won’t make sense for everyone, for some types … [Read more]

The Best Place to Host Photos For Your Blog


You’ve probably heard that including images in your blog posts is a great way to keep readers interested as well as spice up the visual appeal of your site. A few months ago I provided tips on using Creative Commons images on your site, but another option that’s even better is to use your own … [Read more]