Food Blogger Tackles the Issue of Unhealthy School Lunches

school lunch

She is a school speech pathologist by day and an anonymous food blogger by night, until she recently revealed her identity on ABC’s Good Morning America. Known as “Mrs. Q” on her food blog Fed Up With Lunch, teacher Sarah Wu was ready (well kind 0f) to reveal herself and her mission to make school … [Read more]

ConAgra’s Blogger Campaign Backfires, Bloggers Not Happy

ConAgra Blogger Campaign

Have you seen the Pizza Hut hidden camera commercials where it shows the surprise on people’s faces when they are told the pasta they are eating is from Pizza Hut and not some fancy Italian restaurant? Well, it seemed to work okay for Pizza Hut, but ConAgra tried something very similar with a group of … [Read more]

The Crock Pot Girls Get Over 1,000,000 Facebook Fans in Just Two Weeks


As I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed this morning, something that Social Media Speaker and Trainer Mari Smith posted caught my eye. It was about the Crock Pot Girls Facebook page which has received over 1,000,000 likes in just 2 weeks! Mari posted, “How do you get over 1,000,000 fans in two weeks?! That’s … [Read more]

Food Blogger Finds Support from Her Online Friends

In jennies kitchen

The online world is weird if you really stop to think about it. You can become very close to someone without ever having met them in person. There are certain blogging communities that are very close and one in particular is rallying around one of their own. I’m talking about the food bloggers, the foodies, … [Read more]

Forkly iPhone App Helps You Find Food and Drink You’ll Love

Forkly app

A new iPhone app has joined the quickly-becoming-crowded space of food apps. It’s called Forkly and it helps you find food and drink you’ll love. Not only does it help you find new restaurants you might like, but once you’re at the restaurant, it will recommend dishes to try as well based on your own … [Read more]

ZipList Partners with Popular Southern Food Bloggers


ZipList, the leader in online and mobile grocery list and recipe box management, has partnered with four popular Southern Food Bloggers. The four bloggers have integrated fully-branded recipe boxes and grocery shopping lists into their websites. Here’s a brief description of ZipList: ZipList is a free online service that makes managing your grocery shopping list … [Read more]

Food, Courage and Creating Content: Let the Journey Begin

Beth Cochran

… by Beth Cochran When I attended BlogWorld just a couple short months ago, I was working on a new venture that, at the time, was straddling the line between start-up and a viable business. I was glad to be passed the very beginning – the website creation, building an audience, struggling to get all … [Read more]

Raiding the Pantry for Fresh Food Content


… by Hilary Allard Everyone talks about content. You know you need it – but when and how to create it? For many people, the prospect of adding “content creation” to their to-do lists is overwhelming. Luckily for people in the food business, there are a wealth of simple ways to use what you already … [Read more]

Shoot Your Food


Shooting your food can be a great way to draw people into your blog. The experience of eating is universal and so it is almost universally appealing. You can easily create content every day just by documenting your food. I wouldn’t completely recommend that, but it’s possible. Some blogs focus on the importance of beautifully … [Read more]

Season Your Content With Your Voice


… by Mike Dobranski If blogging were to have a Golden Rule, I think it would be that “Content Is King.”  When it comes down to it, we can all write, but the people with the interesting content said in the voice that genuinely touches the audience will ultimately be the most successful.  Blogging is … [Read more]