Could Guest Posting be the Perfect PR Launch Pad for Your Business?


Expert. It’s a short word that conveys a lot of meaning. Whether you are working in a company or are an  entrepreneur, you likely want to be known as an expert or authority in your field. The big question is how to take your skills and knowledge turn that into expert status. While social media … [Read more]

No More Excuses: Top 10 Reasons to Start a Business Blog in 2014


A few weeks ago I taught a blogging webinar for consultants as part of a social media education series. At the beginning, I did quick survey to gauge the knowledge base. Not surprisingly, my audience ranked high on awareness and interest in social media, and also appeared savvy in running their businesses. What I didn’t … [Read more]

How to Make More Money by Creating a Sense of Urgency with Email

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Imagine for a moment that you’re trying on jeans (everyone’s favorite task, right?) and you find a pair that fit you well, but don’t blow you away. You might think to yourself, “Well, maybe I’ll keep looking, and if I don’t find anything better, I’ll come back later this week and purchase them.” But what … [Read more]

Influencer Driven Content Marketing: Lee Odden Explains this Powerful Tool for Businesses

Last year, you couldn’t walk ten steps down the hall of any business conference without hearing the words content marketing. Bloggers have been doing it for years, but the idea of content marketing and how it can help your business has been thrust into the spotlight. More recently, however, the mummers I hear center around … [Read more]

“Own the Good You Do”: Scott Stratten’s Advice for Businesses on Twitter

scott stratten

Every time a business joins Twitter, an angel gets its wings. It means they’re going to at least try the social media thing. Getting businesses to realize the power of social media is half the battle. Whether or not they use this platform well is another story. Recently, I like the advice Scott Stratten wrote … [Read more]

Struggle to Juggle: Three Marketing Kickstarters To Do Right Now

Multi-tasking Business Woman

National Small Business Week celebrates its 50th anniversary this June on a high note:  According to the Small Business Administration, half of Americans own or work for a small business. While this is a glowing testament to America’s entrepreneurial spirit, one of the biggest conundrums small businesses still continually face is marketing: knowing they need … [Read more]

Find the Perfect Bite For Customers’ Mobile Appetite

mobile appetite

Mobile web site up and running. Check. Reading latest trends on marketing for smartphones and tablets. Double Check. Wondering what to serve up next to your mobile audience. Triple Check. Now is the time to…pause between courses. First off, congratulations on making the jump to mobile. Next up:  Step back and look at your business big … [Read more]

The Mobile Majority Wants Your Small Business

mobile small business

Remember when mobile phones used to be about..making a call? Neither do I. The explosive growth of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices over the past few years has drastically and permanently changed the way we socialize, work, and do business. The net-net? It’s imperative to travel with your customers and prospects wherever they go. In … [Read more]

The Unintentional Thought Leader: Seven Steps For Small Business Blogging

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When I launched Marketing Sparks three years ago, “thought leadership” was not a goal. Discuss issues I care about? Yes. Stoke my desire to write? Absolutely. Maybe even attract new business as a bonus? Of course. Over time, though, I discovered that a certain style of writing could help position my small business blog as an authority and go-to expert. … [Read more]

Ramon Ray’s Five Steps for Personal Branding

As many of you may have heard, NMX (BlogWorld) recently purchased a new conference: Ramon Ray’s Small Business Summit. We’re super excited to work with Ramon, who is an absolute firecracker. Ramon was actually a speaker at NMX 2013, where he talked about personal branding and how this affects your company’s growth. Knowing Ramon on … [Read more]