4 Essential Apps for Increasing Profits in a Small Business


When it comes to running a business, it’s important to take advantage of every tool you can find to make things run more efficiently. This is especially true of small businesses where you don’t have as many employees to take care of organization, payment and other tasks. Fortunately, the following apps are examples of tools  … [Read more]

Find the Perfect Bite For Customers’ Mobile Appetite

mobile appetite

Mobile web site up and running. Check. Reading latest trends on marketing for smartphones and tablets. Double Check. Wondering what to serve up next to your mobile audience. Triple Check. Now is the time to…pause between courses. First off, congratulations on making the jump to mobile. Next up:  Step back and look at your business big … [Read more]

Mobile Apps That Would Make The Pentagon Proud

Find My iPhone

Apps these days go far beyond fun games and finding a great restaurant. These extremely useful apps seem a little like something out of a spy movie. Nevertheless, this technology can really be helpful if you lose your phone, want to create hidden accounts or snap a stealth photo of the person who stole your … [Read more]

BlackBerry Wants to Reward You to Make Your Online Content an App

Blackberry is excited to tell you about our port-a-thon that starts this Friday, January 18th at 12pm ET and runs for 36 hours straight. It’s your chance to earn big rewards for just a few minutes of work. After our warm welcome, successful app generation efforts and many connections made at NMX in Vegas this … [Read more]

Podcasting in a Mobile World

Vote mobile phone

When someone is looking at expanding their presence online (especially bloggers), I try to encourage them to look into starting a podcast if they have not already. I know that podcasting can seem like a daunting task and from that fear I know many people never give it a try. I know that podcasting does … [Read more]

BlogWorld app now available


  For those of you attending BlogWorld New York this week, we’ve just launched a new app to enhance your conference experience! The new BlogWorld app, powered by Mobile Roadie, will allow attendees to find conference sessions, connect with peers, and get the latest news about the event. The app is available for the iPhone, … [Read more]

Knowing Me, Knowing You

phone stare

Extra points to those of you who recognized the title of the post as being an ABBA song from the 80′s! Music is a bit of a passion of mine. I have music playing all the time when I am writing. The other major passion in my life right now is Mobile; mobile technology and … [Read more]

New Lightbox App Feature – Your Photo Journal

Lightbox app 01

The social photo app for Android, Lightbox, unveiled a new app today with a new feature – The Photo Journal – which allows others to follow your updates, as well as like, comment and share. The fantastic thing about this new photo journal is it requires no extra work on your part. Just update the … [Read more]

Google Re-Releases Gmail App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Users

Gmail App 01

When Google first released the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on November 2nd, there were some unfortunate glitches. The app kept crashing, was giving error messages and was over all a big huge mess. They have re-released the app today. The problems have been fixed but users still aren’t happy with the outcome. Some say … [Read more]

Shuffler.fm Launches an iPad App

Shuffler.fm iPad screenshot

Shuffler.fm, the audio magazine made up of music blogs, has launched an app for the iPad. The site received quite a bit of buzz this summer. For those of you not familiar with the site, it basically turns music blogs into streaming music. It plays a continuous stream of songs directly from the blogs. Music … [Read more]