Making Quality Writing Count in New Media


Paraphrasing a very wise SNL character: “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” A decade ago, a pair of twenty-somethings at a party asked what I thought about the future of traditional journalism with online media and communication gaining speed, strength and reach. “The Internet,” I said, as if I had half a clue, “is … [Read more]

Social Media and Higher Education [Infographic]

College and universities are embracing social media as a means to connect with the current student body, alumni, prospective students, and donors. According to, one in three schools indicate that they achieve better results with social media than through traditional media. According to recent data conducted by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth: 98% … [Read more]

Social Media vs. Traditional News [Infographic]

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve heard about some pretty big news stories on Twitter before they hit the traditional news sites. The most memorable for me was the death of Michael Jackson. I saw Harvey Levin from TMZ tweet about Michael’s death and I immediately went to Google and some news sites … [Read more]

Reporters can be gay?


The news is out. Anderson Cooper is gay.  I guess I should get over my crush now, huh? Honestly, I’ve always thought of Anderson Cooper as asexual. I’ve watched him on CNN, and his less serious self when he guest hosted on “Regis & Kelly” or when he hosted the short-lived reality show, “The Mole.” … [Read more]

Are Bloggers Different than Journalists?

I’ve spent lots of time in newsrooms, for both print and broadcast news organizations. My first job was as a reporter; the ethics of journalism were pounded into me at an early age. Be objective, don’t do anything to tamper with the integrity of the story, and report the facts. As a blogger, however, I … [Read more]

Was May 1 a Traditional Publishing Fail?


Here on the BlogWorld blog, I already wrote a bit about how social media is changing the face of historical moments. I know that a number of people found out about Osama bin Laden’s death via Twitter or Facebook, and even though I live in Washington, D.C., I opted to stay in and chat with … [Read more]

Newspapers Continue to Suffer in the Face of Online News Coverage


According to a report released by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the state of the American news media improved in 2010 after two years of downward movement. Among the major sectors, only newspapers continued to suffer – due to the advent of online news sources. News organizations — old and new — still produce … [Read more]

Authors Using Social Media to Generate Book Buzz


In my “free time” outside of BlogWorld, I’m an author. I’ve written three young adult novels in the past two years and currently have one out on submission to publishers. As you can imagine, I spend a good amount of time networking with other authors, agents, editors, etc. Topics of interest include a variety of … [Read more]

Bonnie Harris on Traditional versus New Media (part 2)


Yesterday, I posted the first part of an interview with Bonnie Harris on traditional versus new media. Here’s the rest of that interview – some can’t miss information about new media in a world that comes from a different perspective. Check out part one before continuing with the rest below: Allison: What are some of … [Read more]

Bonnie Harris on Traditional versus New Media (part 1)


Not every speaker proposal we got for BlogWorld was appropriate. Some were boring, over-done topics. Some were too self-promotional. Some were clearly thrown together in five minutes. But some were fantastic. I don’t envy Deb, Dave, and Rick in having to pick from hundreds of awesome proposals for the relatively few spots we have open. … [Read more]