What Businesses NEED to Learn from Romney’s Project ORCA

mitt romney

Project ORCA was supposed to be the saving grace for the Republican presidential campaign. In a race that came down to the wire in many states, this new way of organizing Romney’s league of enthusiastic volunteers to monitor voting across the country could have been responsible for swinging the votes his way. Obviously, that did … [Read more]

Why The President’s Tweet Became the Most Popular of All Time

barack obama tweet

President Barack Obama made social media history with a tweet posted right after he was named the winner of the United States 2012 president election. This tweet surpassed tweets by celebrities like Justin Bieber to become the most shared tweet in history. As of writing this post, the tweet has been retweeted 0ver 793,000 times … [Read more]

Will Social Media Users Determine Who Wins the White House?

The United States presidential election is heating up, and both incumbent Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are turning to the Internet to garner support for their campaigns. But are they using social media correctly? And will it matter? Check out this video from Voice of America: In the last presidential election, Obama had a … [Read more]

Digital Hatfields and McCoys: America’s Need for Better Judges

Every day, judges have to deal with cases involving technology they don’t understand. This is simply a fact of life. However, with the rise of cases involving the Internet, we absolutely need judges who better understand how this technology works. The average age of our Supreme Court justices in the United States is 66, and … [Read more]

Kony 2012: The Power of Social Media at Work to Change the World

kony 2012

This morning, one of my friends posted a video called “Kony 2012.” I didn’t really take notice of it at first because I’m not a super political person, but it did catch my eye because I thought, “Hm, I don’t remember hearing anything about a candidate called Kony in her state.” Then I saw another … [Read more]

What Does Twitter’s New Censoring Ability Mean To You?

twitter censorship

Like many social networks, Twitter is a very powerful platform for connecting people. While some of us might use it for nothing more than complaining about coworkers or sharing pictures of our lunch, others are using Twitter to take down governments and stop poorly-worded bills from becoming laws. Yesterday, Twitter announced that it has refined … [Read more]

Why SOPA and PIPA Matter More Today Than They Did Yesterday

sopa pipa ban

Yesterday, sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Craigslist blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA, two anti-piracy bills that would cause tons of Internet censorship. Countless blogs also joined the protest, and major sites like Google and Pinterest put up notices about the bills, even though they didn’t shut down completely. Today, the Internet is, … [Read more]

Could Facebook Shut Down? Understanding SOPA and PIPA

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our video explaining what SOPA and PIPA are and why you should care about these bills: Pass the video on to all of your friends so we can fight SOPA/PIPA together! Even if you aren’t from the United States, these potential laws affect you; they affect every … [Read more]

Should We Forgive GoDaddy?


SOPA has sure made a mess of things, hasn’t it? No company knows that better than GoDaddy. When the list of SOPA supporters came out, Internet users everywhere cried to users to boycott GoDaddy, moving hosting and domain name registration to other companies. A lot of people did. Last Friday, when this story was getting … [Read more]

If Only We Could Vote Via Facebook – Likester Analyzes Republican Presidential Debate

republican likester

I’ve said this for a while now … it’s too bad we can’t vote for politics the way we vote for American Idol contestants. I think a lot more people would show up to support their faves! But even though we can’t text our votes, people are definitely Liking their candidates on Facebook, as proven … [Read more]